Preppy Style Is Back & More Accessible Than Ever

At a time of great social reckoning, preppy style is striking a pinwale cord.

It’s the quintessential American look

It’s also particularly well-suited to the current moment

Press says. It’s a uniform, he explains, which communicates that a man “still adheres to certain principles.”

While prep today is associated with a certain type of country-club politesse, the aesthetic “began with college kids [messing] around and having fun,” says Jack Carlson, founder of Rowing Blazers, a brand that’s bringing irreverence back to Nantucket Reds and needlepoint belts.

“The irony of preppy style is that it was born out of a spirit of rebelliousness.”

The golden age of Ivy style

overlapped with the Civil Rights Movement

What differentiates the current wave is an appreciation of technical minutiae coupled with a more expansive view of the style’s potential.

The new school is a diverse class, cross-pollinating Ivy with everything from streetwear to Neapolitan sprezzatura.


an editor, writer and stylist based in New York City.

Kareem Rashed is an editor, writer and stylist based in New York City.
He currently serves as the Style Editor at Robb Report and has worked for publications including Vogue, Elle, Interview, and Departures.

His expertise includes women's and men's fashion and accessories, jewelry and watches.

He also serves as a consultant and content creator for a number of brands and retailers.

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