More Than 70 Classic French Cars Is Heading to Auction

A Business Magnate’s Collection

1961 Citroën DS 19

Labeled the most beautiful car of all time

First and foremost, there are five examples of the Citroën DS on offer. The sleek luxury sedan, which was introduced in Paris back in 1955, has been labeled the most beautiful car of all time by a handful of world-renowned auto designers.

Lot 70, in particular, showcases that effortless French elegance.

Sporting a black exterior with a metallic bronze roof and red interior, the pristine 1961 Citroën DS was treated to a full service in January this year and has just 43,000 miles on the ticker.

As such, the stunner is expected to fetch between $46,000 and $69,500 (€40,000 and €60,000).

1956 Peugeot 203 C Cabriolet

The most sought-after version of the Peugeot 203

The pick of the Peugeots, meanwhile, is a drop-top hailing from 1956.

Immaculately restored, it represents the most sought-after version of the Peugeot 203 with a very rare French supercharger by Constantin.

The cabriolet is also finished in a striking yellow hue that highlights the coachwork and signature curves.
It’s expected to fetch between $81,000 and $104,000 (€70,000 and €90,000).

1985 Renault Super 5 GT Turbo

Naturally, Renault is well represented, too. The highlight is a 1985 Renault Super 5 GT Turbo.

As its moniker implies, the sporty two-door packed a thrilling turbo engine good for around 113 horses.

This particular model was one of the first and is expected to sell for between $17,400 and $28,900 (€15,000 and €25,000).

1968 Citroën DS 20M

1968 Peugeot 404 Coupé

1971 Renault 17 coupé TL

You’ll have to act fast to acquire this French collection, though. The auction will wrap up on November 22.

Romagny is even parting with a few non-French cars. Most notably, the 1998 Toyota Land Cruiser which he raced in the Dakar and a coveted silver 1959 Mercedes-Benz 190 SL.

Both are expected to hammer down for more than $150,000 (€130,000). There are also a couple of Cadillacs and Chevvys on offer, just for good measure.

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