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What can our partners expect to be solved?

As a result of our platforms & marketing solutions & platforms, brands, local shops & creators who facing issues to be discovered, to acquire more customers, sell & monetize their work, saw more profit and engagement.

The advantages of our solutions are:

● Every brand, creator can afford it
● No technical knowledge is needed.
The easiest way to stand out!


Putting sales back in the hands of the brands
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● 1,5 Billion people send 60 Billion messages a day via a chat app (statista.com)
● 16 Million products
● 7K Brands

AI Use
● Recommender Systems

Deals Today

Start your shopping journey with a great deal!
#eCommerce #omnichannel

● 80% of Millennials have used a discount code or coupon in the last 12 months (Forbes)
● 40K Active Deals

AI Use
● Recommender Systems

Web Stories Today

Bringing back fun in consuming online content.
#marketing #creatoreconomy

The YouTube of Web Stories
Web Stories are a web-based version of the popular "Stories" format creating a dynamic consumption experience.


● Technology developed by Google

● They’re hosted on the open web with their own URL, making them easily shareable.

● Web Stories are a visual storytelling format that facilitates presenting creativity &, knowledge in a fast-loading and immersive way.

● Apart from the huge lead generation possibilities, Web Stories have a lot of other benefits. They score high on web performance and user engagement metrics and prove to be a futuristic content format that's set to rule the web.

● Web Stories look strikingly different from traditional web pages. Since people prefer visuals over text, the visually rich Web Stories perfectly fit their needs.

● Brand Web Stories also appear on Google Search & Discover

AI Use
● Recommender Systems


Masha was a finalist in the Fashion Innovation Week 2019 and winner of the Red Herring 2020 Europe Award

Who Partnered with Us?

Top Brands like Nike, Under Armour, Ted Baker, Lego,.. up to local businesses like Walls and Skin Tattoo, QoQo Massage,...

Pusha.ai is one of the most relevant and advanced player in the e-commerce marketing market.

Push.ai is proud to have a delighted and enthusiastic partner base of over 7.000 active brands and local shops. Including 16 million products

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With Push.ai, businesses accelerate & drive their sales with comprehensive tools.

Brands build a powerful online presence, and focus on customer experience by putting their products, services & creativity where their customers are, anywhere, everywhere.

  • 16MM Products
  • 40K Deals
  • 7K Brands
  • 44 Countries
  • 2 Awards

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