Why punishing your dog never works?

Are you punishing your dog? Stop right now. Punishing your dog never works. Here's why.

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Is punishing your dog an effective way to train?

If punishing is ineffective, what should you do to correct the pup's behavior? First, you must understand that your dog is your child. It would help if you treated your dog the same way you treat your child.

Would you hit your child?

Then why hit your dog?

The memory of dogs is like a toddler. Would you hit your toddler for inappropriate behavior?

What happens when you punish?

Distrust, fear, aggression

If you want a relationship of trust and love with your pup, stop punishing your dog today.

Types of punishments

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  • Hitting with a newspaper
  • Shouting
  • Choke collar
  • Prong collar
  • Yanking the leash
  • Intimidating with a finger
  • Pushing
  • Jabbing
  • Pinning
  • Kneeing
  • Throwing things

Why punish?

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  • Pooping on peeing in the house
  • Licking its pee
  • Eating its poop
  • Excessive chewing
  • Excessive biting
  • Knocking things over

What happens when you punish?

Punishment harms your dog's psyche in ways you cannot imagine

Your dog may become

  • fearful
  • angry
  • scared
  • aggressive


The dog may try to cower under bed or other areas of the house


May bark or howl excessively


Stop interacting and withdraw in themselves


Bite or harm others out of excessive fear.

This aggression is born out of fear. This does not mean that your dog is inherently aggressive.

What should you do?

Understand the problem and find a solution

Understand the psychology of your dog. Understand where the bad behavior comes from and rectify the problem. If needed, retrain your dog but never punish.

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Read the article for more details on what you can do

Check out the article to know what you can do and how to work the problem from the root up.

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