Peru’s safe haven for threatened species – in pictures

A pink toe tarantula

Photo: Ernesto Benavides/AFP/Getty Images

Endemic frogs of captivating beauty, mammals and wild birds are among the species to be found in Peru’s Cordillera Escalera conservation area, a protected highly biodiverse area between the Andes and the jungle in the east of the country

Author: Ernesto Benavides

A green-backed trogon

A cane toad

A paradise tanager

A white-hearted glass frog

A pleasing poison frog (Ameerega bassleri)

A grey-breasted sabrewing hummingbird FacebookTwitter

A blue-fronted lancebill

A tiger-striped tree frog

A tropical screech owl

A Koepcke’s hermit hummingbird

A gilded barbet FacebookTwitter

Two female short-billed honeycreepers and a male

A Zimmerman’s poison frog

A short-billed honeycreeper

A dotted tanager

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