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Kieran Flanagan of HubSpot

Inspirational Storytelling Key to Marketing Today, Most SaaS Companies aren’t Good at it

I think data has killed marketing, right? I think data has been one of the best and worst things that happened to us.

Data was great because if you go back marketers really wanted to have a seat at the grownups table and be able to speak about revenue, right?

Jeremy Epstein of RDX Works

Imagine $400 Trillion in Value All Transacting on a Decentralized Platform

I saw about a guy who was escaping Ukraine, and all the banks are shuttered. The ATMs aren’t working.

Your credit card’s not working, but he walked out of Ukraine with a couple thousand dollars of Bitcoin on his phone.

He was able to restart. He took his family, got them started in whatever country he was in. Imagine that.

Jeff Gomez of Starlight Runner Entertainment

Your Customer’s Money isn’t all you Need From Them to Tell Your Story

There were a lot of times that it was so tough.

I didn’t know how I was going to go on. The things that saved me Brent were not so much other human beings, particularly early on.

It was stories. It was the thoughts and actions of great characters

Michael Litt of Vidyard

Asynchronous Video Should be Leveraged for Concise, Impactful Moments in the Sales Process

Asynchronous video, AKA recorded video, is a really great way of still establishing your personal brand, your personality, but on the terms that your customer is willing to receive those, which is in their inbox when they’re able to watch it.

Aaron Levie of Box

Distributed Computing Will Have Huge Impact on how Companies Operate, What Future of Work Looks like

The Internet’s impact on flattening organizations and access to information and distributing computing has a massive impact on, then, how organizations operate, how companies run and what work looks like in the future.

And just the fact that we can do this video conversation distributed to anybody is a great example of, then, the power of these trends over the past couple of decades.

Sabrina Atienza of Pega

Voice AI helps customer service agents become knowledge workers and brand ambassadors

There’s a general shift to knowledge work. And I think as the adoption of tools like Voice AI and Messaging AI grows, it’s really there to enable agents’ knowledge, surfacing up the important content workers need so that they can focus on navigating a really complex and sensitive situation.

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