Busting the myths regarding art therapy

Art therapy is full of myths. Read on to see the myths of art therapy busted in the following slides.

Art therapy

Creative expression fosters healing

Art therapy refers to the treatment of psychological disorders for enhancement of mental health. The focus lies in the fact that creative expression has the ability to foster mental well being.


There have been many myths regarding art therapy.

There are multiple myths surrounding art therapy. Read on to find out the facts regarding the myths.


Meant only for kids

Art therapy allows people to express their feelings and emotions without the use of words. Kids find it hard to verbalize their emotions, thus art therapy helps. However, even with adults, non verbal communication can reveal a lot.


Art therapy is for mentally ill people

Art therapy is for anyone and everyone who find it hard to put their feelings in words. It is helpful for people who are verbally compromised as well.


Art therapy is only for people who can draw

A common misconception. People feel that pain and suffering can only be depicted in beautiful drawings. However, in art therapy the focus is not on how beautiful the drawing is, the focus is on the process and the guidance of the therapist. The visual material is used to encourage the clients to let go of pent up emotions.


The therapist will know my inner feelings by seeing my drawings.

Only you are aware of what you feel. No one else. Your therapist will only know what you feel when you tell him/her.


Art therapists are not 'qualified' therapists

Most people feel that anyone can become art therapist. However, to become a certified art therapist, one has to have a Mater's level training in Psychology, followed by an art therapy training program.


Art therapy is too gaga for me

Art therapy is not some mystical treatment form. It is scientific and used scientific basis for analysis and interpretation of your behavior.


An art therapist cannot discuss my problems

Art therapy is intertwined with talk therapy. There will be art sessions and there will be talk sessions. Your therapist is well versed with how to talk, discuss your problems and help you find solutions.

Goal of art therapy

Help you release your emotions

If you feel that you are connecting with your therapist but are not feeling inclination towards the art, discuss the same with him/her. Art therapy involves much more than art. If you only want to talk, that can be arranged as well.

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