Most Impressive Wall Art in Cities

Impressive Murals in Europe


Join the cartoon walk and discover more than 60 comic strip murals...

Brussels loves comic books so much, you can find many huge murals, related to cartoon characters, on many walls everywhere in Brussels.

The idea started early 1990, in collaboration with the Belgian Comic Strip center, to brightening up the city, by replacing the ugly commercial


The collection boasts ±300 street art works

Street Art Museum Amsterdam (SAMA), established in 2012, is a community-based, contemporary eco-museum that uses street art as a tool for dialogue between stakeholders of Nieuw-West, Amsterdam, as well as visitors to the region.

SAMA collection boasts ±300 street art works varying from small pieces to monumental murals. Street Art is a distinctive art form, which challenges assumptions of legality, artistic ownership, and preservation of tangible and intangible art and heritage.


Over 30 awesome murals

Urban art not only changes the image of the city. The lettering, tags and murals are always also an expression of the current zeitgeist.

People have been spraying and tagging in Berlin since the 70s. Originally an expression of youthful protest, street art is now an established art form.

It's not only because of the East Side Gallery that the capital is now considered to be a mecca for urban art. Many famous artists have left their mark on the streets of Berlin.


Stockholm is a city infused with artistic talent...

Sweden has a long tradition of public art; a belief that art has an important role to play in society and therefore should be available to everyone.

When walking around in Stockholm, there is a variety of artworks scattered in parks, squares, along streets, and in the subway stations for everyone to enjoy.


In the 1960s, artists wanting to beautify their surroundings began painting murals on the façades of buildings in this industrial district.

In recent years, thanks to backing from the 13th arrondissement town hall and local art galleries, some parts of the district have metamorphosed into veritable open-air museums.

There are up to 26 giant works in Boulevard Vincent Auriol alone.

In 2013, the district’s Tour Paris 13 initiative became a talking point: a building earmarked for demolition was painted from top to toe by street artists and opened to the public for a month before being torn down.


Street artists have been leaving their mark in the streets of the city

Nowadays, many of the expressions of street art in Madrid are the product of festivals or initiatives that allow young people to develop their creativity in a legal way. The themes dealt with in urban (and “rebellious”) art include the environment, migration, politics, gender violence, multiculturalism and other issues of a contemporary social nature.

Those interested in graffiti, murals, templates, stickers, photography and urban facilities, whether it may be crochet or gardening, have an activity in Madrid that will not leave them feeling indifferent. It is the “Cool Tour Spain”, a route that takes us to the origins of the graffiti movement and shows us how the so-called street art has developed.


Discover some of the city's most emblematic works of street art like the famous D. Quixote Mural

Porto has proven to be a source of inspiration for numerous artists: discover some of the city's most emblematic works of street art with the free walking tours.

Porto in Portugal is beautiful city to visit for a short stay and some great murals and graffiti can be found in its different neighbourhoods and outskirts


Let's go off the beaten track of Bella Roma!

Decadence or urban renewal? Rome has a bias towards the second.

Indeed, local institutions have been continuously and successfully encouraging these kinds of initiatives.


What if I fall? But imagine, what if you fly?

The Balinese street artist WD spent five days geared with a telescopic extension roller pole to create this piece showing a bunch of flying elephants.

Murals and street art are big in Greece since they often address political and social issues and the country suffers from many.

That doesn’t mean that there aren’t any murals just for the aesthetics. On the contrary, some are there to celebrate beauty by coloring the everyday life of the citizens.

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