10 tips to help you live in the moment.

Life is in the moment, not in the past, not in the future.

Living in the moment

You must have heard of this.

Simplifying your life is not as easy as it sounds. Living in the moment is the secret of both a healthy mind and body but it is not that easy to achieve.

Simplify your life

Cut down the past and the future

Easier said than done. Living in the moment and walls relieving yourself of all the worries about what has happened in the past and what might happen in the future. It means just leaving for today and enjoying the gift that is present.

How to live in the moment?

10 actionable tips to help you achieve just that

If you choose to live in the past, you will face regrets, if you choose to live in the future, you will be worried. Here are 10 tips that will help you live in the now and today and not worry about the future or bother with the past.

1. Remove all unneeded possessions

Take away the power from your past.

When you have minimal items, you only think about the present. The items from your past cannot haunt you because they have been removed.

2. Smile

Today will be the best

Every day has possibilities. When you wake up, smile at yourself and tell yourself ‘today will be a great day’. Be optimistic but do not set unrealistic goals or for yourself. Be logical and focus on getting the work of the day done.

3. Appreciate the moments

Soak in your today

We are surrounded by a variety of sounds, smells, size, time, emotions and finally, sorrow. These make up a part of our daily lives but most of all we just let these feelings slide by. Start cherishing each of these feelings.

4. Forgive

To forgive is divine

If someone hurt you in the past, it was their fault. But when you allow them to exist in the present, your present is devoid of any happiness. Let go and be in the moment.

5. Love your job

Do not just survive it, love it.

If you’re constantly surviving in your job, then it is not a right job for you. Your job should be something that makes you happy and a place where you look forward to going every day.

6. Work with future in mind

Don’t worry about it, but work towards it

Always dream big. Set your goals and plans for your future. To achieve those plans and dreams, you will have to work hard today. There is no need to worry for tomorrow. As long as you finish all the designated tasks for today, your tomorrow is secure.

7. Stop dwelling on past accomplishments

If you keep thinking about the things you did yesterday, you are losing today.

Memories are something which is constantly created. So don’t waste your day reminiscing about your past memories. Instead use today to make new memories.

8. Stop worrying

Worry has never gotten anyone, anywhere.

Tomorrow will come whether you like it or not. Worry will not help you accomplish anything. That is, focus on redirecting your energy elsewhere.

9. Think outside the box

The world is changing and you should change with it

The solutions of yesterday are not right for today. They will certainly not be solutions for tomorrow either. Therefore work on finding your own solutions.

10. Battle your addictions

Addictions can hold you hostage.

Addictions do not allow a person to live their lives to full potential. If you are addicted to anything, even if it is coffee, take the steps and remove its influence from your life. Do not allow anything to dictate your life.

Start implementing these suggestions

And notice the difference in yourself.

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