Learning Through Play

We’re here to convince the grown-ups. Because play is something every child, everywhere in the world can do.

Children are amazing. They’re curious, resilient and flexible

Children explore their world through play from the moment they’re born.

Learning through play is how we’re built to learn. And the evidence keeps growing that playing helps children master all the skills they need to thrive in our fast-moving, ever-changing world.

Why do we need a world of play?

A child’s first six years hold the greatest potential to positively shape their lives.

But play time has been decreasing over the last 50 years* and early childhood development gets a tiny fraction of education funding around the world.

Play unlocks essential skills

Through play, children build five flexible skills that help them take on the future with confidence.

Our world never stops changing, so how do we prepare children to navigate it? We let them play.

Children thrive on play. It’s also perfect practice for tomorrow. Given the chance to think, negotiate, adapt to new rules and try again when things don’t go to plan, children develop essential skills that’ll last a lifetime.

Play boosts wellbeing for life

Better mental health. More resilience. A love of learning that lasts a lifetime. All ways that play boosts wellbeing from childhood.

Play prepares the brain for wellbeing

Play makes the whole family happier

Playing with others nurtures empathy and resilience

Play helps children cope with change

Play is for everyone, everywhere

Play is how children learn naturally. That’s what makes it so powerful, and why it’s so important to make room for play.

Children thrive on play
They use it to explore the world like little scientists. When a toddler watches a spoon clatter to the floor, then drops it again and again, they’re carrying out an experiment. A fun one, too (if you’re not the one picking it up)!

Learning through play is also how children develop essential skills they’ll carry with them their whole lives. As a critical part of child development, time and space for play is a must-have.

Ready to play?

Play needn’t cost a fortune. Try these games you can play indoors or out – using everyday things you’ll find at home.

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