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New LEGENDARY Death Knight?? Ultimate Death Knight Teaser

Plarium has dropped some sneaky information over the past 2 days from their Death Knight Twitter account, hinting that something big is coming, well.. the wait is somewhat over, as today they’ve released a video which Death Knight so kindly tweeted out informing us that he’d been working hard and was going to be moving up to the big leagues in the near future!

While we don’t know any more information yet, could this be a hint that August 2022 Fusion will be Ultimate Death Knight??

How to utilize Deliana as a new player

Deliana is going to be crazy for all you new players! If you are struggling with Spider, then she will boost your account progression.

She doesn’t require a lot to get going only Retaliation gear which you can farm early on in the campaign. Try to get a bit of speed if you can but again, she doesn’t require a lot to get her going!

What is the best Character in Raid Shadow Legends?

The best way to look into this is to pinpoint the key areas of the game and establish a top few characters for that, the one that is used in the most areas and is the most diverse we will refer to as today’s “best character in Raid Shadow Legends” – Of course, this is subject to opinion, and we’d welcome yours in the comments below.

Massive Arena Drama – Platinum unreachable for ALL players?!

As predicted with the recent arena issues, bigger problems have arrived, with the constant point deflation going on during the week NOBODY reached Platinum Arena this week, which is absolute madness.

Platinum arena for the longest time has been the only real competitive area of the game, where players fight to the final second to try to land themselves a spot in Platinum Arena (500 places, previously 300) and to get the best spot in that they can reach! Leaving thousands of players just outside of Platinum crying in their milk – Better luck next week!

But this week, not a single player was able to reach and stay in Platinum at all, meaning all 500 spots of Platinum arena were completely unoccupied, which is unheard of – and something we’ve never seen before.

New Player Promocode! FREE CHONORU

Plarium has enabled another Promo code for new players in Raid Shadow Legends, like most new player codes, the likelihood is this will only work for accounts that are less than 72 hours old.

But for those accounts that can benefit from this, it’s a great little boost being able to get your hands on a free Epic Champion.

Go to the Promo Code section from the menu on the left while in the Bastion screen, enter the code: LUCKYRAID in the box.

New Hydra Head Teased?

Plarium released a teaser for a new Hydra Head, however there were lots of jokes flying around with it being April Fool’s Day.

Patch 5.4 Sneak Preview!

With some questionable changes, huge content drops like this are exactly what this game needs to spice things up!

We’ve caught wind of some huge patch notes that are coming to the game this month

Gear Tier List Updated

Gearing your champions is probably the most important thing you can do to progress in Raid: Shadow Legends

You can have all the champions in the game, but you will not get very far without the gear to match the champions. So, you set your team and you grind away farming Dragon and Fire Knight, your storage is full and your inbox is full, and you don’t know what is good and what is bad.

Well, we’re happy to let you know that we’ve updated our Gear Tier List today, due to popular requests, and we’re sorry it took so long!

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