Lady Gaga's Most Bizarre Airport Outfits

Lady Gaga, 2015

Didn't even make it to curbside check in before tripping in these shoes.

Lady Gaga, 2011, Tokyo

At Tokyo's Narita airport in a monochrome look with maniacally high stilettos.

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Lady Gaga, 2012, Tokyo

At Tokyo's Narita airport in 2012. Never not wearing ridiculous airport shoes.

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Lady Gaga 2014: Again Tokyo

Two years later and again at Tokyo's Narita airport, still wearing ankle-breaking airport shoes.

Lady Gaga, 2014, South Korea

At South Korea's Gimpo Airport, this time, wearing cheeks appliques that makes her look like a Pokémon character.

Photo: Han Myung-Gu - Getty Images

2014, The Nearly Naked Look

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2011, The Too-Long Hem

She really is a master at somehow overcomplicating the airport outfit, even when she's wearing something "normal" for her.

Photo: Splash

2014, Istanbul

Arriving in Istanbul 2014. She's in a league all her own.

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2015, The Overdressed Fail

Impractical train + crotch-baring slit. Double whammy.

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