Besides taking inspiration from the music of the last century, Kpop groups are adding looks that perfectly complement the retro wave.

“Lady” & “I Love You”


EXID did an outstanding job at channeling 90s street fashion for their “Lady” comeback. From color-block windbreakers to denim overalls, baseball caps, and massive gold chains. These ladies managed to evoke the spirit of the decade with both their music and style.

“365 Fresh” & “Retro Future”

Triple H

Triple H was a trio project by CUBE Entertainment, made up of Kpop superstar HyunA, Dawn (then E’Dawn of PENTAGON), and former groupmate Hui.

The trio was heavily 90s inspired, from the sound all the way to the fashion.

Although their first release “365 Fresh” also drew inspiration from the 80s, with colorful striped pieces, bucket hats, plaid, and denim being some of the standout elements.

“Can’t Stop Me”


Twice’s “Can’t Stop Me” offers a wonderful retro mix of 80s synthpop and 90s fashion.

The album’s visual cover pays homage to the modern working woman, with pinstripe blazers, collared shirts, and high-waisted suit pants.

The music video, however, showcases more playful trends, such as all-denim outfits or the iconic yellow plaid made popular

“Make a Wish” & “90’s Love”


NCT U released two 90s-inspired comebacks back to back that truly brought on that retro nostalgia.

The first, “Make a Wish“, is filled with streetwear and hip-hop styles that became notorious for status symbols.

From logomania to heavy bling and basketball sneakers.

The very aptly named “90s Love” served as a tribute to the popularity of sporty streetstyle.

The music video is set around a hockey theme, but the style cues are unmistakable: graphic tees, hoodies, windbreakers, denim jeans, and plenty of colorful mix-and-matching.

This comeback is a genuine ode to celebrity fashion of that era.



Everglow has quickly become a household name in the Kpop scene.

With “LA DI DA“, they merged the distinct electropop instrumentals of the 80s with looks that will undoubtedly take you back in time.

This girl-power anthem paid homage to many retro trends.

The music video itself is inspired by a comic book series, likely because graphic novels and superheroes were all the rage back then.

“We Ride”


After a nearly three-year hiatus, Brave Girls came back as a 4-member ensemble with “We Ride“.

This summery track is heavily influenced by 80s synth-pop. The music video is very retro-themed, evocative of the decade’s technology.

As for fashion, you could say that the styling is very minimal. Still, it preserves some great retro trends, mainly bright colors and sequins.

“1 Billion Views”


The two EXO rappers Sehun and Chanyeol partnered up to bring us the lovechild of old-school hip hop and disco.

“1 Billion Views” is a great window to the funky side of 80s runway fashion.

Holographic sweaters, fun prints, acid wash denim, and leather pants.

The styling for this comeback is truly entertaining and inspiring, especially to those who don’t mind going a little crazy with their patterns.



BTS’ first full-English release was a smashing hit all over the world.

Although the song itself borrows from different music periods, the fashion for the “Dynamite” comeback is unmistakably 70s.

Bell-bottomed pants, patterned sharp-collared shirts, leather footwear, and tweed blazers.

“You’re The Best”


The ladies of MAMAMOO were one of the first to take on a retro-inspired concert.

Their early sound is very much swing-inspired, so it’s no wonder that 70s styling was bound to make an appearance.

In their “You’re The Best” music video, there is no shortage of flare jeans, scarf belts, and crop tops.



The former SNSD leader is no stranger to retro concepts. Taeyeon’s solo release last year, “Happy“, was filled with fashion cues from the 70s, including subtle hippie styles.

Her most recognizable look for this comeback features space buns, two-toned denim flares, and decorated Converse sneakers.

In one of her live performances, Taeyeon wore a bell-sleeved cardigan, white boot-cut jeans, and a woven chunky belt.



One of GFRIEND’s last releases before their unfortunate disbandment was an absolute retro wonder.

With “MAGO“, the girls got to explore a more charming side of fashion. In fact, they brought all the glitter and glam of the disco era.

Sequined dresses, flared jeans, and platform boots were some of the trends they chose to revive.

Needless to say that they totally nailed the assignment.

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