Japan off the beaten path

Discover 6 unique non-touristy destinations


Located in the Shikoku District of Japan, this city is the perfect nature escape for backpackers who love to be surrounded by green.

Much of the attractions here are based in nature whether it may be a walk through the park or rummaging through rice fields.

  • Mount Shiraga: A hike to heaven’s door
  • Kizenzan Park: A break away from the city
  • Motoyama Castle: 600 years into the past
  • Yoshinobu Rice Fields: Endless hills of lush green


Offers a more down to earth and slower paced society to experience Japan off the beaten path.

Komae is a city located only 23 minutes away from the bustling streets of Tokyo.

Japan is known for harsh winters but snowfall is usually rare for Komae, and it also gets quite warm in the summer-time.

  • Shrines of Komae: Pay respects at religious Japanese shrines
  • Parks of Komae: Bring the family (or just yourself)


It has many sites to see for the solo backpacker or the entire family.

Yamanashi is a prefecture or area of Japan located on the island of Honshu.

With the capital city being Kofu, Yamanashi is a destination known for the famous Mount Fuji and instagram worthy pink cherry blossoms.

  • Mount Fuji: The go to Yamanashi hot-spot
  • Lake Kawaguchiko: Gateway to Mount Fuji
  • Have fun at Fuji Q Highland Amusement Park
  • Chureito Pagoda: Picture perfect views


Known for its many hot springs, Nasu is the perfect getaway that offers a break away from the fast paced society of Tokyo.

Sitting at a 2 hour drive away from Tokyo, this city is mostly known by Japanese locals but is truly a gem to tourists that make their way over here to experience Japan off the beaten path.

  • Strawberry Farm Picking: The best strawberries in the country
  • Nasu Yuzen Shrine: Hot springs and foot baths
  • Shiobara Onsen Hot Springs


Takaoka is decorated with must-see nature sites and is home to the Daibutsu Buddha and famous for the cherry blossom season.

Located in the Toyama Prefecture, Takaoka has a deep history with the production and trading of metal.

The city is on the Eastern Sea of the country and has a population of a little over 400,000 residents.

  • Amaharashi Coast: Beach with a mountain view
  • Daibutsu Buddha: Visit one of the biggest Buddhas in the area
  • Continue your day visiting the Takaoka Kojo Park
  • Zuiryuji Temple: Historical architectural design


The spot for nature lovers to enjoy the lush scenery as well as the different shrines and museums this area offers.

Lots of hills and other nature views to behold, a traveler will certainly need a camera when they visit Miyazaki.

  • Heiwadai-koen & Udo Shrine
  • Takachiho: Resting place of the Sun goddess
  • Kirishima: Volcanic hotsprings

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