Is raw food beneficial for your dog?

Many sources claim that raw dog food is better than all other dog diets. But is it true for

domesticated dogs?

Raw dog food

A raw diet is the administration of raw food to your dog

The raw dog diet primarily consists of:

  • Vegetables and fruits
  • Raw meaty bones
  • Muscle meat
  • Organ meat
  • Supplements

Are their any benefits to the raw dog diet?

Feeding raw food to your dog can have many health benefits

1. Improvement in appearance

Improvement in the skin, coat texture, and shine.

Dogs are the descendants of wolves. Wolves are carnivores. Dogs have intestines that are well suited to digesting raw food.

2. Leaner built

Contributes towards a more muscular built of dogs

In today’s world, 60% of dogs are obese or overweight which can lead to many health issues. Extra weight puts a lot of pressure on the heart and joints contributing to heart diseases and joint problems.

3. Less stool odor

Dogs on a raw diet have shown lesser body and stool odor

Stool and body odor increases when the food the dog ingests is not properly digested. Since raw food gets digested easily, it leads to less body and stool odor

4. Calmer dog

Dogs on a raw diet are calmer than the ones on the commercial diet.

Since raw diet causes less digestion problems, the dog faces less discomfort. Dogs have been observed to become aggressive when in discomfort. The more comfortable the dog is, more calmer the pooch is.

5. Fresh appearance

Dogs on a raw diet have cleaner teeth and fresher breath.

6. Small stools

Dogs who are fed a raw diet have smaller stools due to improved digestion

Fiber is the component that contributes to stool formation. When the diet is high on protein (raw meat), there is less fiber content, thus the stool sixes reduce.

7. Better microflora

The presence of good gut flora leads to fewer diseases

Higher fecal microflora was observed in dogs who were fed raw food as compared to ones who were fed a commercially available diet.

In or Out?

With so many advantages of raw dog food, it is tempting to make the switch...right?

If you want to switch your dog over to raw food, do it very gradually and over a period of 7 days. Consult your veterinarian before you switch your dog to raw food.


Are there any disadvantages to changing the regular diet of your dog to raw meat diet?

Click on the above link to read the web story on disadvantages of feeding your dog the raw diet.

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