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Interviewing other indie makers from all over the world


Interviewing Kevon about becoming a build in public expert

Kevon speaks about how he learned to build in public and grow his Twitter audience.

He has now a successful course and many happy students.

We will also speak about Kevon’s upbringing, living in multiple countries, and how he is managing to be an entrepreneur and a new dad at the same time.


Interviewing Giordano about History and Youtube

Giordano Nanni, the founder of The Juice Media speaks about his interest in history and the journey of building the successful youtube channel that has more than 800K subscribers.

Giordano has a Ph.D. in history and has already written two books about his research but it’s on youtube, where he found his voice with hundreds of thousands of followers and two successful formats.

It all started with the Rap News, which ran for 6 years, and more recently the Honest Government Ads.


Interviewing Olu about Investment Banking and Bootstrapping

After 15 years working in investment banking, Olu decided to quit his job and pursue an entrepreneurial career by bootstrapping his own companies.

In our chat, Olu shares what was like to work in the investment banking industry and how did he lived the 2008 housing crisis.

He will also share his journey building his current startup Prelo and give great tips to other entrepreneurs.


Interviewing Luca about Automating Twitter DMs

Luca is a software developer that has already sold one side project to a bigger company and is now building Hivoe, which is a tool that automates your Twitter direct messages.

Luca is also a member of our WBE space and will speak about what its like to be part of it.

Pieter Levels

Interviewing Pieter Levels about his success and indie lifestyle

Listen to Pieter Levels speak about his upbringing and what motivated him to become an entrepreneur.

In this interview, we also try to pin down certain personal characteristics that contributed to Pieter’s success in his bootstrapped startups and cover more philosophical topics like life purpose and religion.

Xavier Coiffard

About building six products in six months

Xavier Coiffard is a French indie hacker that built six products in six consecutive months. In today’s interview, Xavier will tell us how he built which of these six products and the important lessons he has learned from the whole experience.

Olivia James

About mental health for entrepreneurs

in this episode hear from the performance and confidence coach, Olivia James about how entrepreneurs and bootstrappers can keep a healthy mind.

We spoke about important topics like impostor syndrome, how to prepare for a pitch meeting, how to deal with burnout, and more…

Anthony Castrio

Who founded Indie Worldwide

Interview with Anthony Castrio about the journey of building the Indie Worldwide community and his personal entrepreneurial background and nomad lifestyle.

Alex Friedman

About burnout and FoundersGigs

Alex Friedman is the founder of TalkHowdy and FounderGigs two successful companies that she started after leaving her job in the famous startup acelerator Tech Stars.

FounderGigs: Is a platform where startup founders can find part time jobs that will help them mantain there financial independence while they are building their business. The platform offers a big variety of jobs like sales, engineering, marketing, design, etc… The tipical companies hiring in FounderGigs are startups that in pre-seed and series A rounds.

Besides speaking about her entrepreneurial journey, in this podcast interview Alex will also speak openely about entrepreneur anxiety and burnout and will give some tips and tricks that will help the listeners avoid falling into such a state.

Roberto Robles

SEO for Indie Makers

Listen to Roberto Robles interview in the Wannabe Entrepreneur podcast speaking about his entrepreneurial journey and sharing great SEO tips that you will be able to apply in your business. Learn about backlinks, SEO optimization, search volume and more…

Cassidy Williams

About finding the perfect job

Listen to Cassidy interview in the Wannabe Entrepreneur podcast where she speaks about the reasons behind leaving Netlify and how her past experience working in big and small companies helped her realize the type of job that makes her the most happy and fulfilled (her perfect job).

Pierre Tillement

About the best NoCode tools available

In this episode, I am interviewing Pierre Tillement. Pierre is a NoCode freelancer.

Five years ago he stopped his MBA to put his full focus on building his Startup, only using NoCode tools.

After building a successful product he decided to focus on becoming a NoCode freelancer and bootstrapper.

In this episode, Pierre will describe his favorite NoCode tools and it’s use cases.

As a developer myself I was amazed by the capabilities of these tools.

Lucie Baratte

About art, logo design and cofounding Logology

In this wbe episode, I am interviewing Lucie Baratte.

Lucie is a graphic designer, specializing in visual identity, logo, and brand design. She is also the co-founder of

In this interview, we will speak about art, logo designing and the story of logology told from Lucie’s perspective.

Some of the interesting questions Lucie will answer are:

  • What is the definition of art?
  • How was Comic Sans MS font created?
  • How did the idea of Logology come to be?
  • What do the family and friends think about their career path?

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