9 Iconic Photos of Queen Elizabeth

The queen, then Princess Elizabeth, with two corgis

at her home at 145 Piccadilly, London, July 1936.

照片: Lisa Sheridan/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

While on board the HMS Vanguard,

Crown Princess Elizabeth plays tag with midshipmen.

照片: Getty Images

Princess Elizabeth and Prince Phillip on their wedding day

November 20, 1947.

照片: Hulton-Deutsch Collection/CORBIS/Corbis

Queen Elizabeth II

on the day of her coronation, Buckingham Palace, 1953.

照片: Getty Images

Queen Elizabeth and her children


照片: Bettmann

During a picnic on the grounds of Balmoral Castle, in 1960.

Diana, Princess of Wales, and the queen

attend the Opening of Parliament, in London, November 1982

照片: Terry Fincher/Princess Diana Archive/Getty Images

Queen Elizabeth with her grandsons,

Prince William and Prince Harry, at a polo match, in 1987.

Queen Elizabeth smiles while watching her horse

compete at the Royal Windsor Horse Show, in 2015.

Queen Elizabeth sits at a desk in the 1844 Room

at Buckingham Palace, after recording her Christmas Day broadcast, in 2017.