How to Stop AirPods from Reading Texts

Are you tired of Siri interrupting your music or podcast on your AirPods every time you get a text?

Using an iPhone or iPad 1. Open Settings.

On your iOS device (with iOS 15 or later), open the settings app. The icon is gray with a gear inside.

Turning off the Announce Notifications setting on your iPhone or Apple Watch is a quick and easy way to fix this problem.

This wikiHow article will give you steps on how to turn off text reading on AirPods.

2. Tap on Notifications.

This is next to a pink icon with a bell icon inside.

3. Tap on Announce Notifications.

This is located underneath the "Siri" header.

4. Toggle off Headphones.

To disable Siri from announcing notifications on your AirPods, tap on this toggle button near the top of your screen.

Doing this will keep the Announce Notifications setting on for CarPlay. If you would like to also turn CarPlay notifications off, simply toggle off Announce Notifications at the very top of your screen.

Using an Apple Watch: 1. Open Settings.

Open the Settings app on your Apple Watch by tapping on the gray icon with the gear inside.

2. Tap on Siri.

Scroll down until you find this button. It is next to the multicolored Siri icon.

3. Tap on Announce Messages.

Scroll down until you find this button. It may look like a bell.

4. Toggle off Announce Messages.

Simply tap on the toggle button to disable the Announce messages feature.

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