How to Get An Amazon Badge On Your Product Listing

A badge tells Amazon customers something interesting about you and lets you stand out.

Amazon’s Choice Badge

Chosen based on several attributes. Positive product ratings, higher sales volume, reasonable pricing and favourable shipping speed.

Just like Google Algorithm, no one knows everything required for products to qualify on Amazon with the Choice Badge.

A couple of factors seems to influence the algorithm
●● Fast shipping
●● Customer reviews and ratings
●● Low-return rate

Amazon sellers have been known to play dirty now and again. One popular tactic that made the headlines a few years back is submitting fake negative reviews. By forcing a competitor’s review ratings down, a seller could get bumped up the ranks.

Amazon's Best Seller Badge

The way to get an Amazon Best Seller badge is by selling the most products within your category over time.

Your product gets the badge when it has the highest number of sales in a specific category.

Initially, Amazon showed the badge only for one seller in a category. Now, we have 100 best sellers in every category. In some sub-categories, you may not be able to see all the best sellers as the category may have very little competition

The algorithm updates the best sellers rank (BSR) every hour.

Amazon New Release Badge

The New Release badge’s purpose is to draw the attention of shoppers.

the Amazon New Release badge is available for the first 90 days from when you start selling your product.

Extra savings, Coupons, and Discount Badges

Discount badges appear either as orange or green ribbons on both search results and product detail pages.

Nothing speaks more to customers than deals and discounts. It should go without saying that offering your products at the lowest possible price is a surefire way to pump up your sales.

Discount badges appear either as orange or green ribbons on both search results and product detail pages.

To Prime members, they appear as green banners on the product page, while to non-Prime members, they take the form of green text right next to the Coupon badge.

Climate Pledge Friendly

Climate Pledge Friendly recognizes products with improvements in at least one aspect of sustainability

Climate Pledge Friendly highlights products that are certified by one of the sustainability certifications featured on Amazon's certification page or by Amazon's own Compact by Design certification.

Top Brand

The objective is to give precedence to large brands, helping them stand out amongst smaller competitors on the platform.

Amazon is traditionally a platform where the brand is not the deciding purchasing factor

Large companies sometimes suffer on Amazon, because consumers gravitate towards lower prices as long as the ratings are good.

By giving large brands special treatment with the Top Brand badge, Amazon is making an effort to make the platform more appealing to them.

The Brand badge selection is based on two factors:
●● the amount of products a brand sells
●● how many different products the brand offers.

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