How to Feel Great in the Morning - Method 1

Co-authored by Alex Dimitriu, MD

Doing Morning Exercises

Start your day with some light stretches to loosen up your muscles

Your body will feel pretty stiff after sleeping for 8 hours. Do light to moderate stretches in the first 5 minutes after you wake up to get energized and motivated in the morning.

Do a set of push-ups and a set of sit-ups

It help get your blood circulating and will also prime your muscles to make you more active throughout the day.

Do 1 set each of push-ups and sit-ups, limiting yourself to completing as many as you feel comfortable doing without becoming exhausted.

Do a set of jumping jacks to engage your legs and shoulders.

Do 30 to 50 jumps after you wake up to kickstart your heart rate and get energized right away.

Jumping jacks are a terrific cardiovascular exercise that amps up your heart rate and also gives your legs and shoulders a workout.

Perform a set of squats to kickstart your metabolism and build muscle.

Do squats after your morning stretches to get your body ready for the day and to improve your mobility, balance, and posture.

Squats work your largest muscle groups in your legs and thus have a tremendous boosting effect on your metabolism following a workout.

Go for a run or walk.

Consider going for a short 5-10 minute run in the morning to refresh yourself and feel energized for the rest of the day.

Running through the fresh air outside can refresh you and wake you up very quickly after you get out of bed.

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