How to do clicker training?

In recent years, clicker training has become an imperative part of the dog training process. If you send your puppy to puppy school or if you have visited a dog training session, you must have noticed the trainers using clickers to train the dogs.

What is clicker training?

Clicker training is an amazing scientific-based approach to training your dog.

Recent studies have shown that clicker training works better than standard training that is command-based. Another huge advantage of clicker training is that it can be used to train any animal, not just dogs and of any age.

What is a clicker?

Guardians and dog trainers use clickers for clicker training.

Clickers are small and simple plastic devices. The clicker contains a metal strip present inside. When you press the clicker, the metal strip makes a clicking sound.

What does the click mean?

The click is used to mark the moment.

The magic is not in the sound that the clicker makes. The magic is in the treat that follows. When you are training your dog for any command, the moment you hit the clicker, your dog knows he will get a treat.

How does clicker training work?

The clicker provides an audible and consistent response to the positive behavior of the dog.

When guardians or dog trainers train the dog using a clicker, they will click the clicker once the dog has responded in a positive manner. The click will be followed by a reward. Over time, the dog learns to associate the click with a reward.

Steps in clicker training

Here are the steps for a successful clicker training

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1. Introduction

Introduce your dog to the clicker

Grab a handful of enticing treats. Call your dog. When your dog comes to you, press the clicker and offer the treat.

2. Repeat step one

The purpose is to form an association between the clicker and the treat

Do the first step around 10 to 20 times. By the 15th time, your dog will start associating the sound of the clicker with an enticing treat or reward.

3. Follow up with simple commands

Use a command that your dog already knows

Suppose your dog knows how to sit. Call your dog and ask him to sit. When your dogs batch touches the ground, click the clicker and offered the treat.

4. Repeat with other commands

Repeat clicker training with commands that your dog already knows.

Repeat clicker training with other commands that your dog already knows. This will help establish the training method in your dogs mind.

5. Use clicker for new training

You slicker when training your dog in new command.

If the new command or training has multiple steps. start with the first step. Use clicker after every step. This will keep your dog focused on the training.

6. Have an amazing training

Clicker keeps your dog motivated and focused on the training.

The clicker method captures the attention of your dog. Therefore, your dog has higher motivation to stay focused on the training process. This helps the dog learn commands faster than other standard training methods.

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