How to Create a Winter Sanctuary?

Cue all things cozy.

Focus on Natural Materials

Incorporating textures like wovens, woods, and leathers adds a cozy warmth to interiors, especially in winter, by emphasizing natural, earthy colors.

Textural Elements

We love going heavy on textural elements in the wintertime to bring more character and dimension to our homes.

Consider the Color Palette

Muted colors offer timeless appeal and tranquility in decor, and we embrace neutrals to add textural depth, easily transitioning to winter with textiles in soothing, natural hues.

Layers & Layers

Swap out light linens for warm, textured fabrics in rich winter hues to enhance comfort and style, and refresh your space by layering mixed-pattern textiles for a curated look.


Enhance functionality and coziness by adding storage baskets, extra seating, and convenient trays, creating a tranquil, well-organized environment.

Set the Mood With Lighting

With a focus on varied heights and sources like overhead, lamps, and sconces to enhance warmth, especially in the darker winter months.

Don't Forget the Power of Scent

The glow of a candle and its warm scent can transform a home into a haven for cozy conversations, particularly during the short, cold days of winter.

Studio McGee

As winter approaches, we aim to craft a sanctuary at home by layering warmth and embracing the season's stillness, moving beyond mere throws to fully "winterize" our spaces with inviting, lived-in designs.

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