How to care for an orchid and make it thrive all year long

In 5 easy steps

Water moderately

Most orchids don’t need much watering and will only require water once a week.

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Don’t pour water directly onto the plant but into the roots underneath the leaves. Avoid overwatering, as this is will lead to root rot, which will cause the plant to die.

In addition, use pots with drainage holes to allow excess water to run out of the pot, with a saucer or drip tray underneath to catch it.

Place your orchid on a bright windowsill

Typically, orchids thrive in bright, but indirect light.

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Never place orchids in direct sunlight as they will literally get sunburnt. Similarly, keep away from cold drafts and always maintain a constant temperature.

Mist orchids daily

Orchids do well in environments with 40-60% humidity.

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Spray an orchid regularly with a fine mist spray bottle up to two times a day depending on where the plant is located in your home.

Avoid using tap water, and use either distilled or water boiled in the kettle. Typically, tap water contains impurities that will affect the growth of the orchid.

Cut back the dead stems

Prune or cut off brown stems once the flowers have died to encourage new shoots.

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When you’re pruning, always cut diagonally in a 45-degree angle to allow for greater surface area.

Also, make sure you disinfect gardening tools after cutting away infected plant tissue. This will prevent the transfer of further germs and disease.

Fertilize the orchids once a month

Mix a ‘balanced’ liquid fertilizer, such as 10-10-10 or 20-20-20 to feed your orchids while they are flowering.

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Wait a few days to water your orchid after using a fertilizer, or else the nutrients will end up lost in the water.

When do you repot your orchid?

If you notice your orchid has suddenly stopped blooming but has all the right conditions to thrive

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Repot in a fresh orchid mix that contains special nutrients to promote healthy drainage and airflow.

Remember that orchids do not grow in dirt as it will smother their roots and kill it, so never mix soil and always go for an orchid mix.

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