how dogs help people deal with depression?

There is a reason dogs are used as emotional support animals. They can help those who are dealing with depression and anxiety.

Dogs can help

If you are someone suffering from anxiety and depression, you should look into getting a dog.

Dogs have a way of worming into our hearts and making their very own special place. However, theirs are factors other than love that allows dogs to be such amazing emotional support creatures.

How can dogs help in anxiety?

Let's find out what makes dogs uniquely qualified as emotional support animals.

Keep swiping to know why do canines make the best emotional support animals.

1. Unconditional love

Dogs love you for who you wee

The love of a dog does not come with any conditions attached. They will love you whether you are happy, sad, angley, depressed or anxious. Sometimes justKnowing you are not alone can make a big difference.

2. Constant emotional support

Feeling low or lost? Reach out your hand, you will find a paw..

Most dog guards describe their relationship with their dog as reliable, positive and nurturing. Dogs bond with humans easier than any other creature. Anytime you feel sad, you will always know that you have someone who cares for you.

3. Movement and exercise

Your dog needs exercise and so do you.

When suffering from anxiety or depression, the first thing we forget is self-care. However, when you have a dog, you have to take the dog out for regular walks., puppy school, socialisation, etc. This will force you to maintain regular exercise as well.

4. Have a routine

Whether you want or not, you will have to maintain a routine.

Having a dog forces you to have a routine. You cannot expect your dog to wake up at 12pm just because you want to sleep in. Your dog needs to go for his walks, for pooping and peeing. Maintaining a routine will help you get back on track as well.

5. Not lonely anymore

It is very difficult to feel society when you have a dog.

When managing stress, movement and touch are crucial. Being close to a dog or stroking the fur reduces blood pressure and relieves anxiety symptoms.

6. Increases socialisation

Your dog will force you to interact.

People who suffer from anxiety and depression tend to become recluse. However, your dog can act as a buffer and allow you to interact with new people.

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