Complete guide to the hound breeds

Here is everything you need to know about the hound breeds. Find out if they are suitable for you to adopt.

Hound dogs

A hunting breed. Contains both long-legged and short-legged hounds.

From the miniature Beagle to the majestic Afghan hound, the hound dog breeds have successfully stolen the hearts of humans for many generations. If you are thinking of bringing a hound dog home, you need to know certain things to find out if you are ready for such a breed.

Types of hounds

There are two types of hounds:
Sight hounds
Scent hounds

Scent hounds can easily follow trails of scent over very long distances. The playtime of such dogs consists of looking for things by following their scent.

Sighthounds use their sight to hunt down their prey. They do not depend on their sense of smell and instead rely on their sense of sight.

1. Size

Available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

You need not worry about having a backyard or a large outdoor space. If you have a lot of space, you can go for the larger varieties. If you have a small space or if you live in an apartment, you can go for the smaller varieties.

2. Natural instinct

Especially adept at finding their prey.

These instincts are hardwired into the nature of your dog. Therefore, getting a hound dog and not providing it enough exercise or a chance to chase is absolutely wrong. As long as hound dogs get their exercise and playtime, they make an amazing family companion.

3. Single-mindedness

Guardians face problem with recall command.

Once your hound dog has taken notice of its prey or has got a whiff of the scent, he will chase the prey in a single-minded manner. At this moment, nothing can distract your dog.

4. Highly independent

Used to working away from guardians.

tend to rely more on their own sense of smell and sight instead of the directions given by the guardians.

5. Quiet by nature

Show affection to their humans in a quiet manner.

Despite their reputation as being quiet dogs, if such dogs develop separation anxiety, you will hear them howling at the top of their lungs.

6. Be long-distance runners or couch potatoes

Active outdoors but lazy indoors

Love to be active and sprinting outdoors. But behave like couch potatoes when inside the home.

7. Can get along with other animals

Sighthounds need a bit of help in socializing.

Scent hounds can socialize easily while sighthounds need some help and guidance from the guardians.

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