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So Many New Watches - AP, Zenith, TAG Heuer, And More

The latest from LVMH and the 50th anniversary of the Royal Oak.

Last week was a busy one when it came to watch announcements as LVMH Watch Week kicked off with brand-new releases from TAG Heuer, Zenith, Hublot, and Bulgari.

Oh, and have you heard? It's the Royal Oak's 50th birthday and Audemars Piguet is very keen to celebrate that milestone with a brand new Royal Oak Jumbo reference and an entire anniversary-themed collection.

Given such a wide range of new models, I grabbed Jack, Logan, and Danny to get into the details of our favorite releases of 2022 (so far!).

The Collector's Edition with Ben Clymer – Featuring Ed Sheeran

the ebb and flow of Patek Philippe, and the untold flexibility of ketchup.

This week's episode of HODINKEE Radio marks the start of a new and very special series called The Collector's Edition With Ben Clymer.

Presented within the same feed as surprise episodes, follow along with HODINKEE's founder (that's Ben) as he speaks with notable friends and watch enthusiasts about what it means to be a collector.

For the inaugural episode, we're thrilled to have international pop icon Ed Sheeran on for a chat with Ben about his start in watch enthusiasm, his tastes for specific brands, his personal path to a deep love of Patek Philippe, and more.

Inside Our Dream Watch Designs

A behind-the-scenes chat about our latest attempt at being watch designers.

This week, I've got Nora, Danny, and Cole on mic to chat about the edit team's recent foray into dream watch design.

Following this post from last week, a handful of the team suggested various ideas for watches they wish existed and we tried to make that dream a reality in Photoshop.

From glowing Lange to gorgeous Bulgari and some solid designs for Nomos, Tudor, Grand Seiko, and even Cartier, we dig into the mindspace and marketplace behind these hopeful designs.

Finding J.P. Morgan's Long-Lost Million-Dollar Pocket Watch

The most complicated British watch ever made had dropped off the radar; could Daniel Miller find it?

The show returns for 2022 with a very special episode featuring a chat with returning guest and friend-of-the-show, Daniel Miller.

Daniel is a business reporter and journalist for the Los Angeles Times and he recently published a story about his prolonged hunt to find a very special pocket watch commissioned by the famous banker, J. P. Morgan.

The watch had been made in 1909 by the British firm J. Player & Sons and had traded hands several times before disappearing in the late 1970s – and that's where Daniel started to work.

Our Fav No-Hype Watches Of 2021

A look back on a year's worth of accessible watches that you can actually buy (and probably should).

This week's episode is the last for 2021 and it focuses entirely on our favorite accessible no-hype watches.

I asked Nora, Jack, and Danny to prep a list of their favorite watches of 2021, but there is a catch ... any selection has to be under $5,000 and available at retail (or via a transparent waitlist, supply chain being what it is).

From less than $100 on a 2000's throwback to some of the year's coolest watches, it just goes to show you – and us – that expensive watches can be cool but not all cool watches need to be expensive.

Making Sense Of The Tiffany Patek Philippe 5711 With Ben Clymer

Discussing the swan song of the haute and hyped 5711.

Did you think we were going to ignore the Tiffany-blue elephant in the room? I always like to follow my own curiosity, especially when it's deeply informed by my own knee-jerk reaction to this latest evolution of the 5711.

With the hopes of getting closer to the pastel blue core of the topic, I called in a few experienced co-hosts.

To sort out a macro view of the Tiffany-blue 5711, I got Ben, Logan, and Jon on a zoom call to chat all about the final form of the 5711.

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