Hiwaga House in Pune is the perfect interior decor

inspiration for nature lovers

The Hiwaga House

Hiwaga House, a 6,500 sqft duplex located in a lush pocket in the heart of Pune.

The home has an eclectic design aesthetic that abides by the concept of ‘Hiwaga,’ a Filipino word that means ‘to evoke a sense of wonder.’

A Zen-Like Atmosphere

For the Hiwaga House, we built a narrative of a zen-like atmosphere that connects every space.

Photo: Ishita Sitwala

Instead of stone or marble, we have used cement tiles, softer cladding bricks laid in an oxford pattern, and in-situ work to bring out an organic vibe

An open floor plan

An open floor plan was used for common areas with zones being demarcated through a subtle transition in materials.

Photo: Ishita Sitwala

We tried to keep the home cohesive yet transitional at the same time,” smiles Vaid.

The Second Floor

which features my favourite part of the home—a lounge fashioned after a zen garden.

This space, with its colourful wooden furniture, cane swings, patterned cement flooring and wall illustrations, is the very picture of serenity.

The Bedrooms

Have the same sanctuary-like ambience as the rest of the home.

While the duplex showcases a number of design styles, elements such as brick cladding, patterned flooring, indoor plants, brass and antique gold accents, and textured walls seamlessly tie them all together.

The Lounge

Feels like a café and not a typical residential home.

It’s a vibrant area with a relaxing ambiance that sparks curiosity. The highlight of this space is a pillar that resembles an actual tree

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