Histrionic personality disorder

Also referred to as the dramatic personality disorder, this disorder involves extreme levels of attention-seeking and emotional behavior.

Histrionic personality disorder

Pattern of attention-seeking and highly emotional behavior.

The word histrionic refers to being overly theatrical or dramatic. This disorder often starts during the early adulthood phases of the person.

Signs and symptoms

Here are the signs that indicate that a person has histrionic personality disorder

A histrionic personality disorder is among the ten personality disorders that are part of the DSM-5. It is a part of the cluster B disorders.

1. Always the center of attention

People with HPD obsess over being the star of the party.

If such people are not the party's life, they will resort to any means possible to get attention.

2. Behave flirtatiously

To gain attention

People with HPD resort to any means to get the attention they want and think they deserve.

3. Rapid emotion shift

This makes people with HPD seem insincere

A person with HPD will be angry, then sad, then happy...all in a moment's notice. Thus, to their friends and family, they seem insincere.

4. Act excessively dramatic

Behave as if they are in theatre.

People with HPD act extremely dramatically, as if performing in a theater in front of an audience. However, since most of their emotions are shallow, their behavior lacks sincerity

5. Obsessed with self

Constantly and overly concerned with their physical appearance.

If they look good, they will get attention. This is what people with HPD believe in.

6. Want reassurance

Constantly look for approval from others

Such people want to be liked and loved by all. Thus, they always seek out reassurance and approval by their peers.

7. Get influenced easily

They are easily brainwashed by people they like

If they like or admire someone, they get very quickly influenced by the person they look up to as their idol.

8. Experts at manipulation

Manipulation is something these people know very well

People with histrionic personality disorder are experts in the art of manipulation. They will manipulate others into doing their bidding.

9. Blame experts

They blame others for their own mistakes

Since people with histrionic personality disorder always have to appear perfect, they refuse to accept their mistakes and instead place the blame on others.

10. Too impulsive

Impulsivity is their second nature.

Such people are extremely impulsive and always make rash decisions.

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