Hidden Gems in Venice

The hidden gems in Venice are as mysterious as the narrowing canals themselves.

1. Ponte De Chiodo

One of two bridges with no parapet (guard rails), is the exception.

There are 400 bridges in Venice. While they are all beautiful, they won’t give you an adrenalin rush as you cross.

As you make your way to the bridge, enjoy the charming backstreets lined with vintage goods and bars favored by locals- find more below.

2. Cannaregio (Fondamenta Misericordia)

Enjoy cool feel, relaxing bars that inspire positive conversation and great seafood.

Photo: rinosphere

There are tons of cool bars where you can chat with locals and great places to eat. You can get typical Jewish food in the Ghetto and interact with Locals.

The feel is completely different than what you would get if you were near St. Mark’s square. You go from narrow streets with heavy traffic to wide canals and a slow pace.

3. Isola Di San Michele

San Michele has served as Venice’s cimitero, cemetery, since the early 19th century.

The Venice lagoon is comprised of several different islands. Most people stick to the familiar city of Venice. Some branch out to the well-known Murano and Burano islands.

While this is a wonderful hidden gem in Venice, it is not a tourist attraction. Instead, it is a sacred place where locals still come to pay their respects. As such, the dress code is the same as a church.

4. Libreria Acqua Alta

This chaotic yet charming book shop is a dream come true for bargain hunters.

Even though you could spend all day sifting through and collecting literary treasures, be sure to take a break and play with the friendly cat who roams the shop.

After you’ve found priceless souvenirs and gifts, head to the garden and marvel at the staircase made from old, vibrant books.

5. Scuola Grande Di San Marco

Ancient books line the walls and the expansive room is full of interesting artifacts,...

What’s better than a hidden gem in Venice? A FREE hidden gem hiding in plain sight!

The building itself has a very long history dating back to 1261. However, today it is a city hospital with a hidden gem upstairs.

Upon entering the building, walk up the steps on the right. Here you will find the Museum of the History of Medicine, completely free of charge.

Ancient books line the walls and the expansive room is full of interesting artifacts, equipment, and literary materials about the medical field. However, my favorite part of the museum is the ceiling – look at that beauty!

6. Isola Della Certosa

Nature, water sports, and a break from the crowds

Another Venetian island often overlooked by visitors is Certosa. If you like serenity in the form of nature, water sports, and a break from the crowds, this is a destination to put on your list.

There is a park, which is more like an open grass area. It is perfect for outdoor activities and for breathing that clean air we so crave. Plus, you can even enjoy panoramic views of Venice across the water.

7. San Francesco Della Vigna

Don’t miss the two back courtyards laced with orange tree

Due to its position on the edge of the city, this church is often empty even in high season. Doubling as a monastery, silence is enforced.

Thus, it is a perfect destination to appreciate the detailed frescos and the spacious Renaissance interior.

Don’t miss the two back courtyards laced with orange trees and accompanied by the music of chirping birds.

8. San Giorgio Maggiore Bell Tower (Campanile)

Holds possibly the finest 360° views of Venice from the top of the bell tower.

After your visit the Church of San Giorgio Maggiore, make your way to the front left inside the church.

There is a glass-walled elevator that takes you to what seems like the clouds.

Here, you will find unspeakably beautiful views of Piazza San Marco, Doge’s Palace, and the rest of our beloved Venice.

The church and bell tower are hardly a secret to visitors as both are constantly photographed from across the lagoon in Piazza San Marco.

However, I implore you to go one step further and take the short vaporetto ride and see the island with different eyes.

9. A La Vecia Papussa

This secret bar is one of those local favorites

n fact, it is so secret that only the word “Bar” is written above the door.

Groups of friends and couples sit along the canal with a cheap spritz and cheaper wine enjoying Venetian cicchetti. What in the world are cicchetti, you ask?

They are Venice’s answer to tapas and aperitivo- very cheap (I’m talking €1-€2) plates to accompany your delicious house wine or spritz.

10. Secret Gardens

So exclusive that not even locals have direct access to them.

People visiting Venice typically go for the unique architecture, world-renown canals, and exquisite food. But did you know about the hidden gardens placed throughout the city? If you didn’t, you’re not alone.

Hidden in a labyrinth of small canals, you and your guide gain special access to a private garden tucked away from the streets. It’s an adventure like none other.

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