Halloween safety tips for dogs

Halloween is almost here. Follow these tips to ensure that your dog has a safe Halloween.

Keep your puppy safe during Halloween

Halloween can be scary.

Halloween can be a scary time for both you and your pup. The following tips will help you keep your dog calm during Halloween.

Safety tips for Halloween

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1. Understand your dog

Understand why your dog reacts the way he does.

During Halloween, there is a lot of noise, guests in weird costumes, weird decorations etc. These can spook your dog and your dog may react negatively. Instead of getting angry at your dog, understand and see the situation from his eyes.

2. Minimise the noise

People coming in and going can be bothersome for your dog.

The constant influx and efflux of people in weird costume can cause confusion for your dog. Thus, it is preferable if you sit outside so that the noises from the doorbell and talking voices can be minimized.

3. Halloween candy

Keep chocolates away.

Chocolate and xylitol is poisonous to dogs. Most of the candies contain xylitol. Thus, you must make sure that your dog does not eat any of the candy.

4. Halloween plants

Too much pumpkin can hurt

Consumption of too much pumpkin causes digestive issues is dogs. Thus, make sure that the pup consumes pumpkin in low quantities.

5. Halloween decoration

Make sure your dog is safe

Your decorations can scare your dog. Therefore, before doing any decoration, keep your pup in a separate room. Furthermore, fake blood, rubber eyeballs or even fake cobwebs can act as choking hazard.

6. Caution with costume

Be careful what you make your pup wear.

The costume should not restrict the eyes, ears or movement of the dog. Make sure your dog is comfortable at all tunes.

7. Protect from outdoor dangers

Be careful when taking your dog trick or treating.

Make sure your dog is wearing the latest id tag with updated information. If God forbid, your pup gets lost, whosoever finds him can contact you and give you your pup back.

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