Grace Elizabeth Takes Center Stage

The supermodel, seen here in Spring's graceful silhouettes and graphic shapes, is finding her footing as a new mom

Grace Elizabeth has her mother to thank for her modeling career.

Hooded dress, Alaïa.

They became a duo, traveling the world, staying in tiny hotel rooms.

Top, $1,700, swimsuit, $750, skirt, $3,650, earrings, $725, necklaces, from $1,375, bracelets, $2,275 each, flats, $1,225, Chanel.

Things shifted into high gear when super stylist Katie Grand

picked Grace Elizabeth for a Miu Miu show

which led to a V Magazine cover, Chanel campaigns, and a thriving runway career.

Dress, sneakers, $590, Loewe.

Now 24, the model recently became a mother herself

welcoming her son Noah this past February.

Cropped turtleneck, tank top, bra, skirt, Givenchy.

Fashion’s pandemic slowdown allowed her a longer-than-usual maternity leave

“I got to take a break and reevaluate, as a person, what’s valuable to me,” Grace Elizabeth says. “What are my priorities outside of fashion? What kind of person am I? What things am I interested in?”

Dress, choker, $1,290, bracelets, $1,190 each, Alexander McQueen. Platforms, Nodaleto,$705.

When she returned, it was with a new focus:

becoming an advocate for ovarian cancer awareness.

nspired by her mother, who was diagnosed with the disease in 2018, Grace Elizabeth has raised funds, posted on her social media platforms, and completed walkathons.

Bodysuit, $1,295, skirt, $970, hat, $280, choker, $140, boots,$2,575, Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini.

Becoming a new mom with her husband, Nicolas Krause,

has been the highlight of her life

“I think I was born to be a mom. Everything I have, I pour into him happily,” she says of Noah.“It’s so amazing to watch him discover the world for the first time.

Top, $680, shorts, $635, earrings, $330, choker, $290, sandals, $890, Isabel Marant.

What’s been trickier to manage are the complicated new feelings

about her career and motherhood

“Mom guilt is very real. I think a lot of women often don’t speak about it because they’re either afraid of judgment or just [dealing with] self-inflicted guilt,” she says. “I feel guilty for enjoying myself when I’m away or at work or having that moment of time to myself.

Top, $2,190, skort, $1,750, Prada. Pointe shoes, Stanlowa, $97.

What has offered her much-needed peace

is being part of a fashion-world baby boom

giving her a group of fellow mothers with whom she can talk about parenting in an unvarnished way.

Dress, Marni, $1,290. Thigh-high boots, Courrèges, $905.

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While she figures it all out, she’s looking forward with hope.

She welcomes the return of fashion and the new adventures parenting will take her on.

She also dreams of an acting career and has been taking classes, reading about Method acting, and self-taping. “


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