Gaslighting in relationships: 10 signs

What is gaslighting and the signs that you are being gaslighted.

What is gaslighting?

Gaslighting is making your partner doubt their own judgement

Gaslighting is a very complicated technique that makes the victim doubt their own judgment, self worth, memory and finally mental health status

Signs of gaslighting

Signs that your partner is gaslighting you

If you doubt your judgement, perceptions and mental health status, you are being gaslighted.

1. Lying

People who gaslight are pathological liars.

People who gaslight will lie and continue to do so even if the lie is caught. They will try to prove that you are wrong.

2. Bringing you down

Your partner talk about you to others in a negative light.

Your partner will imply to others that you are suffering from a mental health condition. They will try to prove that you are unstable and crazy

3. You are constantly distracted

Constant distraction is a sign that there are problems in the relationship.

If you try to question your partner about his or her behavior and attitude, they may turn the question around to you. They may question you about your negative points and your problems. Their purpose is that by the end of the discussion, you start questioning your own sanity and behavior.

4. You are not important

Your feelings, thoughts and opinions don’t matter.

They will use phrases like, "calm down, it’s not a big deal, you are overreacting, why are you so sensitive to everything?" etc. to make you feel that you are the one who is always making a hype of things

5. Shifting the blame

Psychopaths and gaslighters are experts at shifting blames.

If you try to have a conversation with a person who loves to gaslight and enquire about their wrongdoings, they will turn and blame you for everything that happened.

6. Deny their mistakes

Known for denying their own wrongdoings

If you are a victim of gaslighting, you may feel unheard, invisible and disregarded. You are constantly made to believe that you were in the wrong.

7. Compassion as weapon

Mostly used to turn the table

If you question a person who is gaslighting you, they will act extremely compassionate and use kind remarks to diffuse the issue.

8. Twist your recollection

The purpose is to make you question your sanity

If your abuser slammed you against the wall, later they may say: "You were falling. I saved you."

9. Use others as weapons

Indicate that others too feel that you are crazy

They will try to make you believe that others too feel that you are a person who is loosing their sanity.

10. Other signs

Some other signs to indicate that you are being gaslighted

  • You start to question your own reality and feelings.
  • You question your own judgment.
  • You constantly feel vulnerable and insecure.

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