Exercises to boost your concentration

Exercise can help you boost your memory, brain power, and time management

Focus exercises allow you to improve time management skills and concentration

Focus exercise sharpen your mind and train your mind to focus at the work which you are doing in that moment.

Focus exercises also have other benefits. Swipe up to find out

Focus exercises help you to:

Work more efficiently
Gain self-confidence
Reducts stress impact
Connect with others at deeper level

Here are 7 focus exercises to boost your memory

1. Make to-do lists

To-do lists can help you finish all your work. Just keep crossing out as and when you finish your tasks

2. Meditate

Meditation reduces stress and boosts memory

3. Read a long book

Long books require focus for long periods. Try to imagine what is happening in the story and visualise the characters

4. Exercise

Exercise releases endorphins which reduce stress and promote the feeling of well being

5. Practice active listening

Listen to what others are saying and try to offer valuable suggestions. This will help you focus during high stress interviews

6. Do crosswords

Do one crossword each week and do not give up till you finish it. Crosswords boost analytical thinking

6. Visualize objects

Take a fruit, memorize its shape, patterns and texture. Try to recreate it on paper

These 6 memory-boosting exercises will help you do better in academics, job and all other aspects

Have you tried any of these exercises?

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