Are you a victim of emotional abuse?

Emotional abuse cripples you in ways you cannot imagine. Knowing the signs can help you keep the mental damage to a minimum and get out as soon as possible.

Emotional abuse

Physical abuse shows signs but emotional abuse does not.

This is possibly the worst part of emotional abuse. The signs are not seen. Everything looks okay on the front while on the inside, everything is breaking apart.

You do not deserve it

No matter who is abusing you, you do not deserve to suffer.

You deserve to love and be loved. You do not deserve the perils of emotional abuse.

Signs of emotional abuse

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1. You try to not dissappoint

You always have to think 10 steps ahead.

You already know what would be the answer to your question if you dare to ask. You constantly second guess yourself and edit your questions and answers to suit what your abuser might want to hear from you

2. Abuser constantly use gaslighting

The abuser dictates what the reality is. This can go on to the point where you start questioning your sanity.

Some examples of gaslighting are:

  • I never said anything like that.
  • You know I never lie
  • You do not remember it correctly

3. Ridicule and apologize later

The abuser may ridicule, shout or belittle you in front of others.

Examples of apology:

  • You know I did not mean that.
  • Can you just let it go already?
  • I do not understand why I said that. I must be drunk.
  • I love you. What others think does not matter.

4. Wants to know where you are every second

May seem to show genuine concern about your whereabouts, but it is a way to maintain control

This starts with calling up at random times to find out where you are. Eventually, this progress is to the abuser expecting the victim to constantly text and mention where the victim is at every point of the day.

5. Jokes for humiliation

First, they will be sarcastic and say things that would leave a scar on your psyche.

When you oppose, you will be told that it was a joke. You are humorless and should take life more lightly. However, the sarcastic remark has done its job.

6. You apologise repeatedly

Even when you do not understand what went wrong

If you have grown used to hearing the word 'selfish, uncaring, do not care for others, everyone will leave you one day, you are nothing without my help, etc.' as a means to describe you.

7. Hot and cold behavior

Sometimes they will care, sometimes they will ridicule

When it suits the abuser, they will display a caring nature. However, if you do one single thing wrong, you will see the ice-cold side of the abuser.

8. Your good is never acknowledged

Your achievement goes unacknowledged.

Your efforts or accomplishments do not matter. You never receive a genuine compliment from the abuser.

9. You crave for all things

When affection, money, gifts are withheld, the relationship becomes toxic, and you should realize that you are being emotionally abused.

The abuser may give you money but ask for expenditure details for every cent spent. You may not realize that withholding financial support or affection is abuse. But, when such behavior continues for the long term, it shatters the victim's self-confidence

10. You feel sorry for the abuser

Emotional abusers are experts at manipulating others.

There will be times when you regret the person the abuser has become. This phase comes when you realize that you are being the subject of emotional abuse. But do not try to change the abuser. You cannot.

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