Durbuy - A tiny city with many adventures!

Being the smallest city in the world


Zipline, Free fall, Big Air,Tree Top Adventure area, 3D Labyrinth and more

Adventure Valley Durbuy is situated in multiple premises all over Durbuy and Barvaux.

The main premise is in Durbuy. There is a touristic train and shuttle bus, but since we had already hired bikes, we chose to ride there.

There are 2 types of passes in the main premises - Adventure Pass & Fly Pass.

There are 3 awesome rides with the Fly Pass (Zipline, Free fall and Big Air) and rest all are under Adventure pass. Kids have to be at least 110cm tall to participate, so there wasn’t much for my tiny toddler to do.

The most awesome thing for taller kids is the Tree Top Adventure area. This is a series of fantastic obstacle courses, of various skill-set & difficulty.

While you’re here don’t miss the 3D Labyrinth, which also includes a portion of Sky-Walk.


The Durbuy Anticlines

Durbuy Anticline is over 300 million years old, which is why, it is possible to see fascinating things like underwater fossils like corals, on it! There are 2 anticlines in Durbuy with the major one being in a pool of water and not accessible up close, the smaller one is just beneath the Castle and can be observed in close quarters.


The Old Town of Durbuy has an area of just 2 hectares and was declared a city by King John of Bohemia

Once upon a time, Durbuy was the smallest city in the world. Today the entire city is just 7 streets but that is entirely adorable, and has a certain old-world charm to it.


Admire the unusual sculptures

Seriously, how often have you seen a bush sculpted in the shape of sunbathing Pamela Anderson??? It is every child’s delight to spot bush sculptures of squirrels, peacocks, rabbits & even Manneken Pis!


Explore its fascinating street-art.

One aspect of the public art installations is of course, river Ourthe, where the art was inspired by waterworks.

Another aspect is the biennial International Symposium of Monumental Stone Sculptures that Durbuy hosts.

There are so many modern sculptures dotted all over the city which is quite unusual for a city this size!

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