Dogs With Big Bites

Meet the 8 breeds of adorable dogs that have the strongest bite - including the mighty Bulldog 🐕

1. Kangal

The Kangal has the strongest bite of any breed of dog - a hefty 743 psi. This makes them particularly good at guarding livestock from predators in their native Turkey

2. Dogue de Bordeaux

The Dogue de Bordeaux has a fearsome bite strength of 556 psi - although this breed is notoriously so lazy they are unlikely to often use it.

3. Mastiff

The Mastiff's impressive 552 psi bite has been used to great effect over the years in everything from guarding villages to hunting wolves. Now they are more often gentle giants used as family dogs.

4. Leonberger

Another gentle giant, the Leonberger is most likely to use its 399 psi bite to chew sticks, toys - and maybe its owners shoes.

5. Rottweiler

The Rottweiler's jaws are capable of delivering a bite of up to 328 psi. They are generally a calm and gentle breed, but are best suited to more experienced owners.

6. German Shepherd

Famously one one of the top dogs for police forces and armies, the German Shepherd can apply a bite of 238 psi if required to during service.

7. Boxer

Don't let the Boxer's relatively strong bite of 230 psi make you think they aren't a good family dog - they are great with humans of all ages, although can get aggressive around other animals.

8. Dobermann

The Dobermann has a bite force for this dog is 229 psi and makes a great watch dog - although they are a breed best avoided by families with young children.

Photo: All Picture by Canva/Getty Images

All Picture by Canva/Getty Images

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