Is your dog not right for dog daycare?

How to know if your dog is not the right fit for a dog daycare?

Dog daycare

Dog daycare is an excellent option

If you are busy and cannot see to your pup's daily needs, you can send him to a dog daycare.

Are all dogs suitable?

A dog daycare is not meant for all dogs.

You must find out if your dog is suited to the environment of the daycare. Not every dog is meant for daycare. If your dog is not the right fit, you should not send him to the dog daycare.

When is dog daycare not the best option?

Swipe right and find out if your dog is unsuitable for the daycare environment.

Keep on reading to know if your dog is not a good fit for the environment of the dog daycare.

1. Your dog is not vaccinated

Of your dog has not been fully immunized, don't send him to daycare.

The daycare staff will also ask you for the proper documents indicating that your dog has been vaccinated before they allow your dog to attend the dog daycare. Therefore, make sure that your dog’s vaccinations are up to date before you even consider sending your dog to dog daycare.

2. Your dog is sick

Health problems can worsen in dog daycare.

Furthermore, if your pup is suffering from infectious diseases like kennel cough, the other dogs at the daycare may also acquire it. Thus, it is a wise decision to allow your puppy to stay at home rest, and heal before they go back to the puppy daycare.

3. You have an anxious dog

By anxious, I mean, anxious in the presence of other dogs.

If you send your puppy to the puppy daycare or your older dog to the dog daycare, chances are that the experience will be very stressful and mentally exhausting for your dog.

4. Your pup is aggressive

You would not want to put the lives of other dogs at risk at the daycare.

If you knowingly send an aggressive dog to the daycare, you’re not only endangering the lives of other dogs but also that of the staff members.

5. Has resource guarding tendencies

He may carry over this behavior while at dog daycare as well.

He may decide to show resource guarding behavior even during mealtimes. This can lead to a potentially dangerous situation for both the dogs and the staff members.

6. Happy at home

Your dog probably does not need the daycare itself

If your dog is happy at home, let him be. He may not require the mental stimulation of doggy daycare.

Explore other options

If your dog is not meant for a dog daycare, you should look into other options

Alternatives to dog daycare

  • dog walker
  • dog sitter
  • dog trainer

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