18 signs, your dog is in pain part I

No one wants to see their dogs in pain. Here are 18 signs which will help you identify your dog is suffering and in pain

Most resilient despite suffering

Dogs are possibly the most resilient creatures on the planet.

Small cuts and bruises do not bother dogs. Even when in pain, dogs try to not bother their guardians. But when the pain is too much the behavior changes.

Pain under hiding

They try to keep their pain under wraps even when it is too much

Here are a few signs and symptoms you must always be on the lookout for. A timely diagnosis can help[ ensure a long and healthy life for your pup.

Signs and symptoms

Here are a few signs and symptoms you must watch for

Signs and symptoms of pain is what a guardian must watch out for. Slight changes in the behavior of your dog can indicate that he or she is in pain

1. Aggressive response

Your dog responds aggressively to your touch

If you see your dog hiding away or your dog suddenly stops playing with you, other family members or other animals in your household, take it as an indication that he/she might not be feeling well and suffering from pain.

2. Hiding

Your dog hides in the corner and refuses to play with you or anyone

One of the clear signs, a dog is in pain is if the dog does not come to greet you at the door and tries to hide away.

3. More sleep

If your dog is sleeping more, watch for other signs.

If you notice that your dog is sleeping more than usual, it can be a indication that he/she is suffering from pain.

4. Change in habits

Changes in drinking and eating habits.

When in pain, your dog may face a loss of appetite. The water consumption may also be different than normal. If your dog is having difficulty in eating firm chews or dried food, this could be an indication of dental pain.

5. Increase in vocal behavior

If you dog is more vocal than normal, it is a sign of pain.

If you notice that your dog suddenly adopts a more vocal attitude like snarling, growling or even howling, this could be a sign that your dog is suffering from an incredible amount of pain. If your dog is yelping, it’s a sure-shot way of letting you know that he or she is in pain.

6. Excessive grooming

If your dog is constantly licking a specific region, check the place for sores and infection.

If your dog suddenly starts to lick a particular place on his or her body, It’s likely that he or she is attempting to soothe the region which is hurt. If no external hurt is seen, the wound might be internal.

7. Altered breathing

Sudden panting or heavy breathing without physical exercise is a sign

If you notice that your dog is trembling or shaking, it is a sign of pain. Trembling or shaking can also be a sign of pancreatitis, kidney disease or even poisoning.

8. Sitting difficulty

Difficulty sitting or sitting very slowly.

Your dog moves in circles before he/she sits every time. This movement can be taken as a sign, a dog is in pain when the dog keeps circling, tries to sit, then gets up again and circles.

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