Discover Exclusive Pet Furniture

in an extraordinary design


How about playing tag through a felt tunnel? Or would you prefer to play hide and seek in a foxhole-like felt tube?

Our popular Snakerun is an extraordinarily robust design play tunnel made of felt - stylishly elegant & beautiful at the same time!!!!


A reminiscent of a seashell and is great for playing and romping or as a safe and protected cave-like hideaway for your cat to retreat to and rest.

The modern and species-appropriate design of Nautilus not only inspires cat lovers and was awarded the iF-product design award.

This unusual design element consists of five felt pieces and has a height of 25 cm and a width of 41.7 cm.


The ceiling of the square - a familiar place.

Baskit is a space blanket in a two-dimensional state. And once it is on the move, Baskit can be converted into a basket or shell-like quarters in a few easy steps. This makes Baskit versatile and space-saving.

Baskit is available in three different sizes. Small, medium or large - the right size for every animal.


A high-quality cat tree & exclusive high seat with reclining tray in one.

deal for all cats who do not want to let their territory and the rest of the pack out of their sight for strategic reasons.

The extremely durable felt is ideal for playing until tired. Long sleep in the comfortable high seat guaranteed.


Our stylish Flower cat lounger is the ideal place for small to medium-sized velvet paws to lie down and rest.

In its beautiful and chic light grey, it blends in with any living ambience and is an elegant example of innovative and smart design.

Like all other FuzzPlay products, Flower is extremely easy to assemble and easy to transport due to its light weight.

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FuzzPlay designs high-quality and modern pet supplies made of felt that meet the natural needs of dogs and cats.

Discover our exclusive pet furniture in an extraordinary design.

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