Disadvantages of raw dog diet

Raw dog diet has its own advantages and disadvantages. In this story, I will discuss the disadvantages of the raw dog food

What is raw dog food?

Raw dog food means feeding your dog more raw meat and less fiber

The raw dog diet primarily consists of:

  • Vegetables and fruits
  • Raw meaty bones
  • Muscle meat
  • Organ meat
  • Supplements

Is raw dog diet good or bad for your dog?

Every type of food has its own advantages and disadvantages

Nothing is without risk. Raw dog food has plenty of advantages, but it comes with disadvantages too. Click on the above link to read the web story on all the advantages of feeding your dog the raw dog diet

Disadvantages of raw dog food

Here are a few disadvantages of raw dog food

There are many disadvantages of raw dog food. It is not necessary that it will affect your dog, but it is always better to know both sides of the coin

1. Increased malnutrition

Dogs on a raw diet exhibit malnutrition

A study in 2019 reviewed raw diets for dogs in reference to microbiological colonization of the gut. They found increased malnutrition and infection affecting dogs as well as household members.

2. Antibiotic resistant bacteria

Raw food has been observed to increase antibiotic-resistant bacteria in the intestine of the dog

Raw food has also exhibited the risk of introducing antimicrobial-resistant bacteria in a dog's intestine. Such bacteria can encode resistance towards antibiotics like cephalosporins.

3. Diseases

Raw food exposes the dog and the family members to the risk of diseases

Infectious organisms may get transmitted via raw diet like Listeria, E. coli, Compylobacter, Yersinia Toxoplasma gondii and zoonotic agents like Brucella suis. Such infectious agents can colonize and cause disease in both dogs and their guardians.

4. Nutritional defciencies

Unavailability of ingredients may lead to nutritional issues

Raw diet may cause nutritional deficiencies (calcium/phosphorus imbalances, vitamin deficiencies). This mainly results from the caregiver's need to simplify the recipe or certain ingredients might be unavailable.

5. Risk of infection

Raw food presents a risk of infection

Not recommended for homes with young kids or immuno-compromised individuals/dogs. Raw food does present a risk of bacterial contamination.

6. Risk of bones

Bones may perforate the intestine

You must pay attention to your dog and make sure that he/she does not choke on the raw bone. If your dog ingests the bone, it may block up his/her intestine.

Follow hygiene practices

Hygiene is crucial for your and your family's protection.

Proper hygiene practices must be maintained if you administer a raw diet to your dog. Improper hygiene practice can lead to transmission of infections

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