Tips to develop a positive study habit

These tips will help you get your focus back on your studies as well as improve your existing levels of focus.

Studying can be hard and overwhelming

Life is tough. Managing studies, assignments and other commitments can become difficult.

Launching a positive habit is not an easy task. Life does not only revolve around your studies. You may have family commitments, social life, assignments and multiple other things to juggle in your life. Studies may start to suffer in the process.

Make studying your resolution

Only 8% of people manage to stay true to their resolutions.

The rest 92% of the population normally blames the lack of willpower and motivation for their absence of success. However, this is the time to change all of that and stick to your resolutions. It is time to make studying a regular habit, not an occasional scenario anymore.

The time is not over

Even if this was not a part of your new year’s resolution, it can be a part of the resolution you take today.

The rest of your life starts right now. Why not take the resolution now? You do not need a specific time and place to take a resolution that will benefit your future and life in general. You can change your future right now.

Recondition and program

Some changes will have to be made in your current environment so that you feel motivated to stick to your routine.

Our brains have a tendency to expand on a tiny excuse and make it so massive that it occupies our entire brain. The primary action here should be to minimize all the distractions in your surrounding environment so that you can keep the distractions to a minimum.

Tips to building a good studying habit

Here are a few tips which will help you get back into the habit of studying regularly and enjoy the process.

Follow these tips to get back into the lost habit or develop a new habit of regularly studying. Soon you will not realize that you are studying without any extra effort from your side. You will realize that your mind has trained itself to study on an everyday basis and on the days when you do not study, something will seem amiss.

1. Find the right spot

Having the right study spot can make a world of difference to your habit development process.

Look for a spot that offers minimal distraction. If you like the ambiance of the library, go there. If the library is not the spot for you, you can opt for a coffee shop etc. Make sure the place has adequate study lighting.

2. Have a dedicated spot at your home

It is always a good idea to have a cozy spot in your home where you can study

Have a small office space in your apartment or home which offers minimal level of distraction. This place should be away from your bedroom so the temptation to get back to bed is absent.

3. Stay away from social media

Social media easily takes away 30 mins of your time at once

Social media must be avoided at all costs. When you sit down to study, your phone should be away from you in a face down position. Your phone should be kept in silent mode so that you can work distraction free.

4. Use focus timers

Very helpful at get the job done

If you are finding it hard to maintain your focus, use focus timer apps to help you with the same. You can get a digital timer for yourself or you can use the timer and focus apps on your phone. Most such apps offer 25 minutes and then allow you to take breaks for 5 mins.

5. Break time is important

Break is important for maintaining a positive mental attitude.

Living with a positive state of mind is necessary. Working till the wee hours of the night to finish an assignment scheduled to be submitted the next day works for a once in a while scenario, but is not good for the long haul.

6. Keep notes organized

Having organized lecture notes is important to keep the focus

Would you be interested in reading notes which look like they have been written by a 5 year old? Such notes will not only be a hindrance to your study process, they will also reduce your motivation to work.

7. Create or join study groups

Having people around who will keep you motivated and boost your confidence will help.

Join a group study network to connect with like minded people and keep your motivation levels up. You will not only be motivated to finish your work, you will also get help from your friends in times of need.

8. Music, plants and aromatherapy

They can help boost your focus

Aromas like those of sandalwood have shown positive results in helping people study. On the other hand, plants create a comforting and natural presence motivating you to excel at your work. The right kind of music can help you boost your focus and concentration.

9. Last minute review system

Always keep some time for last minute reviews

Make sure that you have some time to go through your notes at the last minute. This is a very important study habit. The amount of study that you have to do for a specific exam can be a lot but if you have organized notes you can revise important points ready for the exam.

10. Work on your learning style

There are many different learning styles. Find out which one suits you the most. and stick to it

The different Types of learning styles are:

  • Visual learners
  • Auditory learners
  • Kinesthetic learners
  • Logical learners
  • Social learners
  • Solitary learners

Find out which one works the best for you and use the method.

11. Keep a time to study every day

Make sure your timetable has an allotted study time.

Consistency is key. So make sure that you make your study habit a routine that you will maintain also of the year. Make a home timetable. This should include your lunchtime dinner time social life, the time spent on social media as well as the time you spent studying.

12. Focus on what’s important

Learning is so much more than just memorizing

Your study notes are only meant for you, so there is no need to decorate them with flowers and petals. However, you must have a quick checklist or a to-do list which will help you keep track of all your assignments and study progress.

Let’s get working

Now that you know what you need to do, it is time to put all this to work.

Hope you succeed.

Wishing you all the best for your study resolution

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