Davide Bart. Salvemini on crafting weird worlds

that walk the line between reality and unreality

The Bologna-based illustrator polymath talks us through his latest works

Photo: Davide Bart. Salvemini

including one that reflects on the crazy past two years and another depicting a land full of freaky creatures.

When he first started, he was drawing posters for music clubs and festivals

Photo: Davide Bart. Salvemini

As the ultimate gateway to his career, this landed him collaborations with music labels and musicians, where he was given the opportunity to design covers and animated videos.

Davide's creations tend to stem from more abstract influences

Photo: cb-2

like the moments between conversations with friends, a "useless stain on the wall", or a "fluttering cloud in the air".

It sounds like he's a dreamer – an imaginer – and it's through these sources that he's able to build his compositions.

This one represents his vision of an utopia

Photo: Davide Bart. Salvemini

where a dinosaur-dragon-type creature galavants through a cupcake land filled with extra-large plants and vibrant hues.

Here, Davide says there are "plastic colourful big creatures and an acrylic and soft nature. I would like to visit this planet".

Working at the sweet spot of self-awareness,

Photo: Davide Bart. Salvemini

avide can access the perfect level of weirdness and realism through his creations.

Davide's an avid fan of building both micro and macro worlds

Photo: Davide Bart. Salvemini

for his viewers to enjoy, places where air, water, creatures and forests collide.

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