Creative Bathroom Organizer Solutions

for Easy Storage Under $20

Create Open Shelving

Open Shelves are the best way of keeping rolled towels or other shower essentials that you need on daily basis. You can easily pick these in plastic or jute for a better look.

Use a Lazy Susan

A Lazy Susan is a round countertop where you can assemble a few products depending on the space that includes body wash, shower gel, shampoo, and conditioner to name a few.

Hang Towels on Your Door

Sleeker tower handles help save a to of space hence can be ideal for smaller bathrooms, works best if they’re stainless steel.

Assign Family Bins

These family bins are available in different sizes and colors that can help you segregate your items from your family members and keep your section clean.

Hide Clutter Behind the Curtain

You can add fabric hangers/holders that can be hung behind your door. You can store products and hang them behind the doors to keep it clear without adding extra space in your bathroom.

Hang a Shoe Organizer

These little shoe organizers help you organize your slippers properly in your bathroom. They take less space, and are affordable for all.

Roll in a Thin Storage Cart

Thin storage carts can have multiple layers to store your essential toiletries. They can fit into even a little strip of space hence are ideal to store multiple products together.

Use a Spice Rack

Spice racks are meant for organizing little products that otherwise are spread oll over the place. You can also keep your shower essentials and skincare that you use daily.

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