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Nick Doyle

infiltrating the vocabulary of Americana to examine greed, excess, and toxic masculinity.

Nick Doyle uses the road trip—a pillar of American mythology—as a point of entry to his work in order to question the persistence of Rugged Individualism as the fabric of our national identity.

Jockum Nordström

best known for his vivid collages, but also for his drawings, paintings and work as an illustrator.

Nordström is known for his collages, paintings, drawings and sculptures that knit together references to folk art and outsider art, jazz, surrealist collage, furniture and architectural design, human sexual habits and maritime lore.

He has also written children's books and designed album covers. His work is in the public collections of the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Moderna Museet and Magasin 3 in Stockholm, and the Gothenburg Art Museum.


Banksy is a contemporary British street artist and activist who, despite his international fame, has maintained an anonymous identity. A Little story

A little (web) story about #Banksy

● His first known work
● Where does the Rat come from
● His most shocking work
● ...

Gustavo Aguerre

a photographer, visual artist, film director, scenographer, interior designer, poet and writer.

He was also a guest Professor and Master examiner at Umeå’s University Art High school and a guest Professor at the Faculty of Biological Engineering at the Uppsala University. He has received the Honorary Prize of the City of Stockholm and the Architecture Price of North Sweden.

When Gustavo Aguerre moved to Stockholm. He created the art group FA+ that collaborated with many experts in different disciplines.

Presently he has several ongoing art projects. The Universal Library is the most spread art concept that creates street installations consisting of quotes from famous local authors (it has been installed permanently in Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen, Umeå and many others.

Stéphane Ducret

a Swiss Visual Artist

Stéphane Ducret explores the condition of the artist and combines contemporary masterpieces in imaginary settings in which he creates new narratives, disconnected from their original context.

As of each of his series, the Real Estate series (2017-2021) reflects a range of art, music and architecture influences and unfolds in highly enthusiastic challenges.

Ignazio Moncada

an Italian Postwar & Contemporary painter

† Ignazio Moncada passed away in 2012

Moncada worked in Paris, Brussels and Rome, before he settled in Milan in 1974 where he lived until his death. His last exhibition of ceramics – vases, plates and sculpture – was held at the Triennale DesignCafe at the end of 2011.

Moncada’s studio-loft in an ex-industrial complex in central Milan brimmed with his ceramics and paintings. The long open space, devoid of artificially-constructed rooms confined by walls or doors, was also his home, a sort of statement that his work, art and everyday life were one and indivisible.

He was famous for his powerful, bright abstract compositions, his monumental ceramic Wall in Gibellina Sicily (1979), his 42 metre-long ceramic bench in Albissola Marina (2007).

He also invented the idea of Pont-Art, illustrations on scaffolding surrounding renovated buildings. Intense colour and abstraction, combined with a sense of energy and warmth, were constant themes throughout his work.

Andreas Fogarasi

Andreas analyses how places, cities, political ideas, or historical events become images and questions the role of culture – art, architecture, and design – in this process.

Andreas Fogarasi uses forms of display that are reminiscent of minimalism and conceptual art to explore questions of space and representation. Being situated between a documentary and a sculptural practice, his works critically analyse the aestheticisation and economisation of urban space and the role of architecture and the cultural field in contemporary society.

Incorporating video, sculpture and installation in wide-sweeping discursive webs, Fogarasi confronts the viewer with fault lines in history, image politics and cultural identities.

Franklin Evans

Entering Franklin Evans studio feels like you are actually stepping into one of his intensely detailed paintings.

Franklin Evans creates paintings that obsessively and recursively consider the artist's relationship to his studio as a generative space, an essential tool, and a focused subject

Caroline David

The series "Human race", asks us about the cultural, intellectual and social movement of transhumanism

The series "Human race", by the artist Caroline David, asks us about the cultural, intellectual and social movement of transhumanism which aims to increase the physical and mental capacities of humans, to add technical, mechanical and bionic attributes capable of transcending their natural aptitudes.

But how far are we able to go?

Igor Eskinja

Igor constructs his architectonics of perception as ensembles of modesty and elegance.

Igor constructs his architectonics of perception as ensembles of modesty and elegance.

The artist "performs" the objects and situations, catching them in their intimate and silent transition from 2-dimensional to 3-dimensional formal appearance.

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