Is CBD oil a good option for dogs?

Can CBD oil really help dogs? Or is it just a hoax?

What is CBD?

CBD is cannabidiol. This compound is derived from the Marijuana plant.

Off late, CBD oil is being used to help dogs as well

8 benefits of CBD oil for dogs

#1 Relieve Arthritic Pain

CBD oil helps to relieve arthritic pain in dogs

#2 General Pain Reliever

CBD treats can be used as a general pain reliever for old age aches and pains in dogs

#3 Reduce the Frequency of seizures

CBD has been observed to reduce the frequency of seizures in dogs

#4 alleviating anxiety.

CBD is helpful in alleviating dog anxiety.

#5 Long Distance Travels

It is advisable to give CBD treats to your dog before long-distance travels

#6 separation anxiety,

If your dog suffers from separation anxiety, CBD can help keep him/her calm during the training period

#7 Vet Visits

Give CBD to your dog to help keep him/her calm during vet visits

#8 Stressful Days

Administer CBD to your pup on days like Halloween or occasions when there is too much noise around

Any Situation that causes Stress

Overall CBD can help keep your dog calm during situations that may cause stress

More on CBD for Dogs

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