Why is carrot a super food for dogs?

Why has carrot been deemed as the super food for dogs?


Carrots make for a wonderful doggy snack.

Carrot acts as a wonderful snack for dogs. They are a staple ingredient of almost all fresh home-made dog diets and contain nutritional benefits that all guardians dream about

What does carrot contain?

The stats

Carrot contains 25 cal with 1g of protein, no fat, over 2g of fibre along with other essential vitamins like vitamin A, ghee, Biotene, potassium, B6.

Benefits of carrots for dogs

Why should you give carrot to your dog?

Let’s understand why carrots make an amazing super food for dogs and why should it be a part of your dogs regular as well as snack diet.

1. Hydration

Carrots keep your dog's hydration levels in check.

Carrots contain over 95% water. It helps maintain the hydration level in your dogs body.

2. Regular digestion

carrots have been observed to aid with regular digestion

Raw carrots contain 95% of which when combined with that dietary fibre of your dogs diet, helps with regular digestion.

3. Weight loss

If your dog is trying to lose weight, give him carrots as snacks.

Carrots have low fat and calorie content. This makes them a healthy and excellent snack for dogs who are trying to shed weight.

4. Promotes dental health

Carrots are super crunchy. They help remove buildup from your dogs teeth

The super crunchiness of carrot helps scrape away any tartar that has built up in your dog's teeth. If tartar is not removed within 24 hours, it will develop into plaque which is practically non-removable. Therefore, carrots can be your best friend in preventing periodontal disease in dogs.

5. Beta-carotene

Carrots have high levels of beta-carotene

Beta-carotene is an excellent antioxidant that promotes healthy vision in case of dogs. Regular administration of guaranteed okay to keep his or her version normal for longer period.

6. Other benefits

Carrot is a storehouse of benefits when it comes to dogs

Some potential other benefits of carrots include

  • Support bone health
  • Promote reproduction
  • Ensures a strong immune system

How to feed carrots?

There is no one 'right' way to feed carrots to your dog.

There are many ways in which you can feed your dog carrots:

  • Feed fresh baby carrots
  • Boil or steam the carrot
  • Add puree of boiled carrots to the diet
  • Freeze the carrot and allow your dog to munch on it

Start small

Always start small when feeding your dog something new

Consult your vet before you add carrots to your dogs daily diet. Start with a small amount so that the body can adjust to the new Phiber intake. Remember what is what is the garage of feeding them to your dog. Remove the peel to get rid of any pesticides

Check out other superfoods.

Carrot is not the only superfood for dogs. There are many others.

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