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The Angelus collection blends the very best of vintage high watchmaking with contemporary design and materials.

Founded in 1891 in Switzerland, Angelus has been one of the most influential horological manufactures of the last century.

Watchmaking connoisseurs universally hailed Angelus' pioneering, in-house developed movements and timepieces, which continue to be coveted by collectors all over the world.

Today’s Angelus is fully equipped to design, produce, finish, assemble, regulate and test all its movements and timepieces in-house.

Armin Strom

Representing a unique fusion of the swiss-german horlogical tradition, avant-garde ‘transparent mechanics’ and an unwavering commitment to horlogical innovation

Armin Strom represents a unique fusion of the swiss-german horlogical tradition, avant-garde ‘transparent mechanics’ and an unwavering commitment to horlogical innovation

Arnold & Son

Swiss watchmaking with English roots

Arnold & Son embodies modern watchmaking encased in a traditional exterior. The House eschews commonly expected conventions to create singular collections imbued with English heritage. It thus unites the exacting standards of Swiss watchmaking with a unique aesthetic.

Based in La Chaux-de-Fonds in the Swiss Jura region, Arnold & Son draws on the heritage of master watchmaker John Arnold (~1736 – 1799), whose name it shares.

Cyrus Genève

Encompasses the perfect balance between tradition and innovation.

Engineered by the talented master watchmaker Jean-François Mojon, each creation combines cutting-edge design with innovative mechanics.

Czapek & Cie

Swiss fine timepiece made of tradition, new inspirations, shapes and materials

Swiss fine timepiece made of tradition, new inspirations, shapes and materials

Ferdinand Berthoud

Bringing the name of master watchmaker Ferdinand Berthoud back to life through an exhilarating timekeeper for today’s world.

Modern FERDINAND BERTHOUD timekeepers carry the legacy of a dynasty of master watchmakers, which began in 1727 with the birth of Ferdinand Berthoud.

A native of Val-de-Travers in Switzerland, he moved to Paris where he established himself as one of the most talented watchmaking engineers of his time.

H.Moser & Cie

H. Moser & Cie. watches are remarkable for their ingenious watchmaking solutions, manufacture movements and elegant design

What makes H.Moser & Cie watches very rare?

Well, it’s a combination of three things.

First, we have a history of entrepreneurialism - even today we're an independent, Swiss, family-run business which believes in challenging the norm.

Second, our movements are manufactured entirely in-house, and every watch we make is built and finished by hand (hence we make very few watches).

And third, we make ingenious products. Our watches house unique features and our complications are simple and functional (it’s part of our DNA to do everything in our power to make better watches).

Laurent Ferrier

Refined neo-classicism reflecting mechanical perfection.

The son and grandson of watchmakers, Laurent Ferrier, the emblematic figure of the brand that bears his name, is profoundly attached to the excellence of traditional watchmaking crafts.

His lengthy experience in the fields of horological design, technical research and watch exteriors vividly demonstrate both his assiduity and his inventive nature.

Louis Moinet

Louis Moinet creates Mechanical Art in Limited Editions

We are a real brand with a real tradition," says Schaller. "It’s important to me that we honour the heritage of Louis Moinet, who was both an artist and a brilliant watchmaker, and write new chapters of his history as if he were alive

Rebellion Timepieces

Passion Intensity Time - No Compromise

Rebellion timepieces, with their bold design and limited-series production, are designed for those who share the same ideals.

Designed for the asserted individualist. The intense competitor. Those passionate about mechanical perfection.


In the pursuit of improving how mechanical watches function and interact in the 21st century.

The journey of a Unique Horological Start-up combining Industrial Design with Innovative Fine-Watchmaking.

Rudis Sylva

Crafting the revolutionary watch movement entitled "Harmonious Oscillator".

Rudis Sylva's Harmonious Oscillator is a mechanism cited by a large number of Master watchmakers as the most significant invention since Breguet's Tourbillon in 1801.

In a vertical position, the Tourbillon generally needs a minute to compensate for the effects of gravity, while the Harmonious Oscillator counters it completely


Creates, develops and assembles mechanical, innovative limited editions with in-house movements and unique complications

Speake-Marin, a Geneva based fine watchmaking brand with British roots


Time starts moving, while its indicators become fixed. Time.Liberated.

There are no absolutes! Time has been passing through the hour and minute hands for 7 centuries.

No need to look at hands anymore: the Trilobe watch is pointing to a new pole, enhanced with nonconformity and jostling encounters.

The watch leaves time travelling along its own path and reinventing its wheel.

Thus a new classic is born, hands less, but with a sprinkle of magic!

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