How 23 Famous People Treat Restaurant Workers

According to the servers who waited on them

Maria Shriver and her daughter Katherine Schwarzenegger

didn’t leave anything for a tip.

"Maria Shriver and her daughter, Katherine Schwarzenegger, ate a big brunch at a restaurant I used to work at in Chicago with maybe 10 other ladies. They weren’t rude, but they were incredibly needy and demanding. Their bill was close to $1,000. Maria paid, but she didn’t leave anything for a tip."

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Jay-Z and Beyoncé

' pictures.'

Around 2005, Jay-Z and Beyoncé came in to the restaurant in Old San Juan, PR just before we opened for our dinner shift and went upstairs to the patio with another couple.

There was a group of maybe 16 American college kids who ended up eating there and were were probably freaking out that the Carters were there too."

When the food came, Jay and their friends made eye contact with the servers, said thank you, and were friendly, but Beyoncé just kept her head down and didn't say anything when given her food.

"When they left, one of the cooks, who was a fan, just wanted a picture, and they were all, like, ' pictures.'" —coolsvillekid

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Emily and Felicity Blunt, John Krasinski, and Stanley Tucci.

Left less than a 10% tip on their $500 bill.

At a previous place I worked, I waited on Emily and Felicity Blunt, John Krasinski, and Stanley Tucci. Nothing went wrong with their meal, and they were nice enough, but Stanley left less than a 10% tip on their $500 bill.

"I heard from a friend who had waited on him at a different restaurant that that was standard for him. It was so disappointing." —rchtrluvr

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Sara Bareilles

Super humble and a great tipper.

"As a server, I got to meet Sara Bareilles, who was super down-to-earth! She was sitting outside as it was getting late, and one other patron saw a mouse run down the street. The lady panicked. Sara, however, laughed and said, 'Welcome to the city.'"

"I got a photo with her and everything! She was super humble and a great tipper." — fosterjames

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Bryan Cranston

Super nice guy!

"I got to serve Bryan Cranston one time. He was super nice to everyone. I was actually binging Breaking Bad when I met him and was slightly scared of him. I think he could tell because he gave me the Walter White stare, and I was so terrified!"

"But he laughed. Super nice guy!" — fosterjames

"Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson

He just ate a ton of food

"Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson visited my uncle's restaurant in Virginia. He just ate a ton of food."

"My uncle didn’t enjoy being his chef due to the inability to be creative." — sarahk406cf2be1

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Barbra Streisand.

Very fussy and diva-like

"My deceased uncle used to own a very well-known French restaurant in Charlottesville, VA, and he had served Barbra Streisand.

He said that she was very fussy and diva-like." —sarahk406cf2be1

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Baseball player Randy Winn and his wife Blessings

Always respectful and very polite.

"Baseball player Randy Winn and his wife Blessings are two of the most heart-warming and kind people. They would bring their whole family (their kids and parents), and they treated us like family.

Blessings would frequently stay to talk to my friend and I, and she had started a new yoga class and invited us to it. Their kids were angels, too — always respectful and very polite." — kelleyhathaway

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Gordon Ramsay

Nice, polite, charming, and left a huge tip.

"I waited on Gordon Ramsay in downton Reykjavík a few years back. I was super into MasterChef and Kitchen Nightmares and since I was a fan, my manager put him and his chefs and fishing buddies on my table. He was surprisingly nice, polite, and charming, and he left me a huge tip.
"He looked me in the eye, smiled, and said, 'Thanks love' with a wink. I melted into the floor. Everyone always asks me how he was and if he was rude and screaming, which was so not the case! He was just there for a nice time with his friends."


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George and Amal Clooney

"At my last job, George and Amal Clooney came in for dinner. We were packed that night, but his voice is distinctive and really carries, so despite being tucked into a corner, everyone around him knew he was there.

They drank a very nice bottle of Barolo and were really lovely." — rchtrluvr

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