Birth Rights

Spotlighting black maternity, reproductive health and cultural conversations

For Black Women In The UK

A Fear Of Pregnancy Is Far From Irrational

With the stats about Black motherhood in the UK, it's no surprise that women like me are terrified of getting pregnant. There's a new maternal task force, but is it enough?

My Traumatic First Birthing Experience

Led Me To Embrace Honesty In Motherhood

An especially traumatic pregnancy radicalized this new mother's approach to raising her Black children.

I’m Black, Pregnant

& Refusing To Give Birth In A Hospital For My Safety

An expecting mother explains why she's opting for a birthing center over the typical hospital experience.

I Was Still A Kid When I Had My Baby

Now We’re Growing Up Together

A Gen Z mother gets real about what it's like to parent when you're just a kid yourself.

The Unexpected Loss Of My Son

Put Me On The Frontlines Of Reproductive Justice

After the devastating loss of her first child, Raena Granberry was determined to help other Black parents advocate for their own reproductive justice.

Having Kids With My Wife

Showed Me That Black Queer Moms Need More Support

I'm a Black queer mom who went through two pregnancies with my wife and having my kids just showed me how much we deserve more support and protection.

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