Best Summer 2022 Nail Trends Your Mani Needs

Minimalist Nail Art for Summer 2022

My favorite trend for summer 2022 because, conveniently, it’s also the easiest.

Wavy Summer Nail Art

ICYMI, waves and squiggles are truly everywhere right now.

This Marble Summer Nail Trend

Dripping dots of nail polish on your nail and swirling them around with a toothpick or cuticle stick

Earthy Tones for Summer 2022

Pair a few neutral shades together for a low-key manicure that still has a ton of dimension.

Gold Nails for Summer 2022

Just looking at these gold tips makes me feel ~expensive~, and that’s the energy I’m bringing to this summer, TBH.

Bright Colors for Summer 2022

You’ll need to get some nail tape to create the crisp lines and shapes, but other than that, it's pretty easy to DIY.

Matte Nails for Summer 2022

Looking for a soft, muted manicure? Pick up a matte top coat and swipe it over your glossy nail polish for a velvety matte finish.

These Trending Ombré Nails

Picture these pink and purple ombré nails with a pink tie-dye sweatsuit. I mean, I think I just found your perfect summer vibe.

Nail Stickers Trend

In the Venn Diagram of people who like to have nice nails, don't have the patience to paint them, and don't want to spend money on getting them done, nail stickers thrive.

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